Linkin park @ o2 london 03/07/17

Hi everyone, just posting to let you know that I am selling two tickets for the O2 show, I can’t make it due to work. The tickets are general admission and I sell them for the price I bought them, I am a fan and I do not seek to make money out of it. Let me know if you are interested!

What kinda tickets? Seated/Standing

Yes they are standing tickets

How much did you buy them for?!?


I paid for both 151pounds

So thats 75.50 basically

Would you be willing to sell them at face vaule?!? (So basically taking off the charges)

What charges? the only charges I paid where 2.5 per ticket because I bought them at the presale

Weird because online tickets always comes with a service charge as well

I want to see a picture of the ticket showing the price please and then we can talk business

I was wrong I paid 1.75 extra because I bought them at the presale the other amount is the vat

The 6.70 isn’t V.A.T that is a service charge your ticket is £67.50 including V.A.T

Anyway, would you accept the fave value of £67.50 i’d pay p&p (2nd class signed for)

If you don’t get any other offers my offer is on the table

Unfortunately I have to sell my tickets now too due to work and would just like to try make some money back on them.

I have two standing for o2 arena and would be happy to sell them for £65 each either together or as individuals.

I’ve not included service charge in this and feel this shows I’m not trying to make money on them. I’m a genuine fan and gutted I can’t go :frowning:

Ok 3 things

  1. please don’t make duplicute topics on to forum
    You can use the same topic and repost the post to boost it back up the list on the forum and to make that post the most latest
    2 & 3) you haven’t given me a chance to respond which is plain rude, I was going to make you an offer on the tickets

Is this aimed at me?
What do you mean I haven’t given you time to respond? All I did was post on here so not sure what you mean. No worries anyway.

You post a 2nd topic for the same thing
But you know what
Good luck because i think majority of people on here have tickets already and the longer you wait the less value those tickets are gonna be worth

Yeah because I wasn’t sure if anyone else would see It on here. You need to sort out your attitude.

However you read the post is your opinion
There’s no attitude on my part
Just pointing out the facts

But like i said…good luck

Hiya! Are you still selling both these tickets?

Hi, yes I am :slight_smile: