Linkin Park Music Video

What Linkin Park song Would you most like to be in a music video for, or make a music video for.
As long as its related to the creation of a music video for a Linkin Park song. Even if it is already created, What do you like about it? Could you change anything about it if you could? What are you ideas?

I really like their music videos from Minutes to Midnight and after that, So excellent.

My favorites are Lost In The Echo & Leave Out All The Rest

If I could myself, I would re-create more music videos for Linkin Parks first two albums Meteora and Hybrid Theory.

What do you all think about this?


I’d like to create a video for Lying From You , A Line In The Sand and In My Remains
My favorites are: Final Masquerade, LOATR, Waiting For The End, Papercut and In The End

yeah i agree more music videos from hybrid theory and medeora that would be great

Rebellion needed a music video.

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Mark The Graves. It’s my favorite song by them, and honestly i think it’s really deserving of a video. What I would make it would probably be the band in a cemetery, pursuing the grave stones. Then, as the music video continues you get to see them all paying their respects to someone they lost. Then, at the heavy parts of the song you get to a funeral where Chester is giving a speech, like about the loved one he lost. Then the harmonies kick in, the burial starts. And as people are praying you have Chester walking around by himself screaming angrily about losing his loved one. The rest of the band would also be seen at parts of the video paying their respects as well, at the funeral and the burial. But that’s just what I want. And all that from the line, “No stones to mark the graves.If we can’t let go we’ll never say goodbye.”


Perusing not pursuing

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I would love to see one for Nobody’s Listening.

Thanks Peeps!
I would love to make an music video for Points of Authority.
That similar of a man, turned into robot. Then he flys through an ever-ending steel-mechanichal themed surface, Shaped like a rectangle that moves onward, and onward. But while this is happening all these other Human people in robotic suits are trying to weld/ fix this object that the Robot is flying through, before the piece of spacecraft he is flying through blows into smithereens. The robot eventually makes it out of this steel square dimensional object and than it starts self destructing from the inside and the whole thing blows and the video ends with all the smoke and ashes floating into space from the old space craft. But than at the end of the video it is so directed that there is a new space craft being formed out of the old one?

One of my ideas for a Music video.
(It reminds me a lot of being a child and playing duke nuk-em and quake on the early PC in early 2000’s era. <3 <3 <3

I would love a video for pushing me away and also for with you from hybrid theory album. But I do agree with you on this they should have created more videos for hybrid theory and meteroa.

My favorite ones are: one step closer, papercut, pts.of authority, forgotten, from the inside, nobody’s listening and etc. Many more to come. :grin: