Linkin Park meet and greet passes

Hey guys I signed up for a meet and greet for the show in Carson (My first Linkin Park concert [biggrin]) and was wondering how they are going to give them out. Is it going to be like the craziness of the x-games tickets or are they going to announce via email or what? I just don’t want to miss the opportunity again like with the x-games tickets.

If you’ve been picked for an M&G, you’ll receive an e-mail from the LPUHQ, a few days prior to the show. This should be somewhere between 7-3 days, so you’ll have enough time to freak out in nervousness. :wink: I’ve you’ve been picked, you’ll get an e-mail with the details at the day itself, but the information will also be available at the main ticket booth. You can RSVP for the M&G by clicking at the button, at the pic of the show you’ll be attending. (This’ll be like ‘RSVP’ or ‘I’m Going’.) You can find this on the page, too.

Signing up goes on the ‘events’ page. The list of people going, is not the list for the M&G! There is a specific button to RSVP, which I think is located right under the shows’ details. That’s all I know. Good luck on being picked and if you’ll get lucky, I can say that you’re going to have a fantastic experience. I’ve had to M&Gs and so I know that the guys are sweethearts. Also, with seven shows, I can tell you that they’re pretty aeesome and very enthusiastic live. :slight_smile:

's all IGood luck and kind regards, -Pickles

Hey! If you have two subscriptions under the same underground account, how do you sign both people up for the meet and greet?