Linkin Park Meet and Greet for Shoreline, Mountain View show

Hello all! I know that the concert is this Friday and still haven’t receive any info on meet and greet. I was wondering, in case if you don’t get pick for the meet and greet, do you think I have a chance of meeting the band members just walking around the venue before the start of the show or them giving interviews at a tent for a radio station (Live 105). I was at a meet a greet 3 years ago down in Pomona, CA and was sort of disappointed since only Joe Hahn and Phoenix were there to meet and greet. Anyway, Chester and Mike were doing interviews at the tent for KROQ and a lot of lucky fans who were there watching them got their stuff signed. I was too busy watching Wolfmother and didn’t know that Chester and Mike were doing interviews at the tent prior to the show[sad] I would like to know if any of you here been to Shoreline and gotten your things sign even without going to meet and greet with the band but rather seeing them conduct a interview at a tent for radio. I really appreciate it if you guys can let me know how it will all go down from prior experience.

Any confirmation for meet and greet yet for this show???