Linkin Park Live in Athens/Greece [2009] [HQ audio]

In order to rebuild this bike (that some of you are aware of) a lot had to be done.
As stated in the instruction manual, music is key!
So, it took some extra time to put two-three pc’s together in order to extract parts and build a “media” garage pc that includes all the music i have gathered around.

At some point i realized i am listening to something that was not online so i took some time off to put together in one audio file (video, for youtube) so it can be shared among other LPU members and LP new fans out there.

What the audio contains is described in the title but this text is only for the LPU community.
When LP visited Greece for the first time, the crowd was a little bigger than expected and we were all disappointed to be there yet not being able to enjoy the music.
At some point, i saw Chester turning his head towards Mike, asking him “Are you seeing this?” so immediately i knew.
I started telling people that they will come back immediately and to start learning the lyrics.
When they did announce a visit right next year, i pulled 5 people with me who didn’t know them and they still say “this was the best concert i have ever seen”
This is what Chester means in 47:50.

There is also a dedication to you LPU, from Mike and it is track No7.
I will share visual of the moment too because when you ask someone “you really wanna hold me, show me hommie” and this happens, i guess it’s worth a share!
so, visual here

but dedication is 1 min earlier (min 20:00) and then at the end of the three tracks

all tracks with times in description!
This is not my ticket, but the date is … the same… 10 years ago!

(visual of the concert is not complete and not such quality, therefore this had to be up!)

…for Chester!
:blue_heart: from Greece!

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viewing restrictions = none,
yet playback is not allowed in country!
disputing all songs gives a server error

Youtube sure is getting weirder by the day!
Sorry Greece and any other country it’s not available at.
has been disputed and waiting to either see it online or see my account be deleted for trying :slight_smile:
edit: ok, It is now playable till then!
make sure you grab for your lives collection before it vanishes in thin air!

5589 ffr gfgf

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beginning dialogue of the brother giving us this great capture:
(friend) -They suck this year!
(cameraman):-WHO SUCKS IDIOT?!?!

"-I’ll be right here

For me, this prophetic moment was destined to be the separating life between an old and a new life.
the difference is apparent to the observant who will feel like browsing that channel around!
There’s a separating line there and it’s this vid.
I think this was the happiest day of my life.
now i have purpose which i prefer.
now i can count how many members this band really had.
but that night, within a fairytale i was, had my girl, my job, my friends, my band
and had just climbed the peak of my happiness!
but this video was made 6 years later, on my birthday
when i realized in my skin what these words meant.
when the empath falls for the narcissist… you better not be around…

Didn’t even see the drop behind the peak…
but if i did, i’d do the same because…
my old life taught me well… drops only appear suddenly!
and it’s never safe to drop them…
you jump’em! and you jump’em good!
with Chester, Mike, Joe, Rob, Brad and Dave!

let the floods cross the distance in your eyes!