Linkin Park Inspired Tattoo's

Lets see what great linkin park inspired ink is out there!

Ill start off, i got a sick scroll on my back with lyrics from the track “A Place For My Head” it means a great deal to me and is a reminder of who i used to be and motivates me not to let people shit on me in my life!

Lets see what you guys have got!

Awesome Tattoo!!~ that’s really cool~ I Love That song!~ great idea :slight_smile: beautifully done!

dude thats awesome!!!..I will get my LP-Tattoo this summer :slight_smile:


dude , that rocks
way to go

Wow, I am really liking this one! It really seems to fit you perfectly :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! Alot of time and thought went into it, only advice for those looking at a LP (or any) tat is to seriously think and plan first, you’ll never regret it then :stuck_out_tongue:

I am saving up to get a full arm done of LP. I’m getting their faces on it & flames, lyrics… you name it. But my stupid parents won’t let me until I’m 18. They know I will still love them then. I’ve loved them since I was 9!