Linkin Park Fanchat Chat

hallo zusammen ich bin neu hier und würde ein bisschen fanwissen mit euch austauschen

Hey, welcome! You can chat with people in the chat room (LPU members have access to it only) or participate in the discussions here in the forums.

Also, keep in mind that the forums are English only.

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to use the chat-opportunity you must be a paying member here inside the lpu, in the chatroom (tiny chat) we sure can write in german, but here at forums, as Eva mentioned, English is international community language, but don´t worry, I learned such a lot of voks the last 1 1/2 years, elsewise you can also take the google or any other translator, put your text in german in and copy/paste the result, good luck, where are from?

No you can’t. The chat is English only as well. You can get banned for speaking in your own language.

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I don’t see a problem in having a single topic dedicated to a different language. Keeps it in one place and doesn’t single out those who can’t speak English well. Then again, I don’t make the rules

I think, beeing tolerant and open is the MOST IMPORTANT thing here on the forums, and to see if the soldier is able, willing or whatever needs to give a chance, no discussion for me at this point, cus of watta caalz COEXISTING
edit if I will get banned out of his reason, then my personal time on this plattform is over

I doubt you are going to get banned for speaking your opinion. It’s not about not wanting non-English speaking fans here, it’s that Linkin Park is an English speaking band, and the rest of the site is English, and most of the fans are English speaking, so it makes sense to have the users speak English

That being said, I couldn’t actually find that rule now. I know I’ve seen it thought. This page seems broken, though:

Since it is an international site, everyone should speak in English so they can be understood. I don’t mind the occasional foreign language speakers but it gets pretty annoying when a chat is underway. It is hard for us and whoever is doing the chat. I don’t see why people fail to follow such a basic rule and just get banned all the time.

I also get why they want to keep it English only, it’s much easier, but maybe a topic for whoever feels like talking in their language could help (like Jordan suggested) as long as everything else stays English only. Besides, it is the number 1 language, everyone should speak it.

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The LP community is for English only. But feel free to PM with your friends in your own language.

If every language gets a thread on this forum, it will be a lot of clutter. Also hard to follow, not only for people from other countries to understand but also because there will be no specific topic in that thread.
Let’s just avoid chaos and keep it English. : )

Plus we are all making an effort to learn and communicate English here.

Agree totally that´s, so I feel, is my point in clear words, thanx An…:relaxed:

Have you seen this forum?

Do you want even more chaos?

Is this another Game: Answer question with a question?