Linkin Park collection

I’m not sure if anyone on here is interested in any of my Linkin Park items I have collected over the years… I have shirts, figurines, hoodies, bags, CDs, and tons of little goodies such as stickers, pins, and guitar picks.

If you are interested go ahead and email ( ) or text me ( 775-407-0345 ) and we can go from there.

I am a die-hard Linkin Park fan, and have been for over ten years. Now I am having a baby and starting my young family. That is the reason I am willing to part with my LP things. I want them to go to a good home. Let me know if you are interested.



Omfg! Your LP collection is LEGIT! I’m totally jealous. :heart_eyes: :astonished: I also want to point out the irony of you having “All I wanna do is trade this life for something new” on a box of LP stuff that you’re trying to get rid of because you’re beginning a new life with a baby and whatnot (congrats, btw). If writing the lyric on the box was intentional, then I love your joke, but if you didn’t notice the irony, I thought I’d point it out. :stuck_out_tongue:


Your Linkin Park collection is AWESOME! I am starting to get mine as I am collecting many t-shirts and already got lots of their CD’s (including their Hybrid Theory EP). Also, congratulations for beginning a new life and starting a new family. :slight_smile::wink:

Give me everything! Lol what kind if price are you looking for for any of it?

Please email me ?

Nothing will be pricey, I want everything to go to a good LP fan.

hey soldier, just for a note: this is an open forum, please be aware when posting email adresses etc here!

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nice bro… the collection is awesome what a lucky man…

Can I have at least just one badge please? Pwetty pwease? *kitty cat eyes

Which one ? :slight_smile:

The black one which has that LP symbol in MTM style.

If you have a lpu 12 cd I would gladly offer it a good home:)

I have it, I’m not too sure if it is worth the shipping cost though… I have the entire LPU 12 package. Or any other things you’re interested in ?

Omg you are so lucky!!! I want all of those things. How much are you selling the shirts for?

$5 per shirt

Send me an email and address so I can see about shipping… I’ll for sure send it

Shoot me an email… I have a LOT more shirts I haven’t taken pictures of.

Totally know what you mean, im also close to this point. Even tho i would never sell the cd’s and dvd’s. But i see alot of the same stuff i also have that do need to go SOMEDAY.

Hey could you write down a list of all cd’s that you have.

LIT! (The collection… I’m not talking about “LIT” :smile:)

Hybrid theory (with and without a bonus live cd), reanimation (+ DVD), meteora, live in Texas, collision course, a Thousand Suns, FM the rising tied, minutes to midnight, dead by sunrise out of ashes, living things, recharged, the hunting party,

LPU CDs: 2-12

Singles: one step closer, somewhere I belong, two different faint singles