- In the Lapse of Sea (full album)


There is my big work in front of you - In the Lapse of Sea album. It is inspired by working on the trade ships and visiting plenty of countries around the world. This album is made up fully by myself. I took the videos, wrote the music for them, performed montage, and finally produced the release of album.
In this album you will see great shot of ship’s hull from the seaside, Golden Gate Bridge walkthrough, great view of Panama Canal work, and tons of landscapes from many places. And all of this is supported by huge genres variety of beautiful music, composed thoroughly for each video to reflect the mood. Here you will hear rock, jazz, blues, indie, orchestra - everything you can wish.
Of course, everything happened due to Linkin Park. They inspired me to take FL Studio and start making a music.


  1. Shadow Thief (dusk in Pacific Ocean)
  2. Chinese Pearl (port of Ningbo)
  3. Country of the Setting Sun (port of Tokyo)
  4. Foggy Silhouette of Fuji (ports of Hitachi, Chiba, Kanda, Yokohama, Toyohashi and Kanmon Strait)
  5. The Burning Bridge (ports of Masan and Incheon in South Korea)
  6. Cracked Dimensions (ports of Hong Kong, Singapore, Toyohashi, as well as Mediterranean)
  7. Between Two Worlds (Panama Canal)
  8. Glamour on the Beach (port of Miami)
  9. United Colors of Flag (port of Savannah)
  10. Scratchy Cart on a Subterranean Road (ports of Jacksonville, Charleston and Norfolk)
  11. City of Stars - LaLaLand Score Cover (port of Los Angeles)
  12. Till Dawn Will Tell (port of San Francisco)

Download/buy the full album is possible here:

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Wow! A full album! :dizzy_face: I’ll listen later on or tomorrow… want to listen altogether… :blush:

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Thank you, my friend!:slight_smile:

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Awesome! Will listen soon :slight_smile:

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Will listen tomorrow I am a bit busy today

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Can’t wait for your opinion:)

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Please let me know tomorrow about your thoughts:)


Listened all! Nice video as always! :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :smiley:
The album as a whole is well mixed, I like the order of the songs ( @chigokurosaki that’s why you MUST listen an album in order!! :laughing: ).
–>Track n°3 is soooo calming and I like that flow in it, the guitar, the soft drums and the piano… I usually am for the rock pieces, but this one is one of my favourites by you. :heart_eyes:
–>Track n° 4 is nicely done too! Especially when the guitar becomes more “aggressive”… :smile: :guitar: :notes:
–>Track n°5 has that nice oriental sound, but it isn’t “trivial”, which is very positive for your work… :wink:
–>Track n°7 is an alternative rock piece and I like it very much since the first time I listened it some time ago… :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Just pointing out my emotions and thoughts about my favourites pieces here, but as I said the whole album is nicely done… :heart_eyes: :blush: Good work!!

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I never said not to, but sometimes you only want to hear certain songs in a certain order lol. As long as we enjoy the music is what really matters.


Well ok… I have to agree with you… :sweat_smile: :grin: :blush:


Wow! Thank you for being so emotional! Bellissimo, segnore! :smiley: Truly Italian style:)

That’s what I love about sharing your work: somebody will really be very grateful:) Thank you, my friend, I really appreciate your support:)

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Yeah lol :grin: :blush:

In Italian is “signora/e”( a= female; e=male; me the first one :blush: ); nice to see you writing in my language :smile: :hugs:

You’re very welcome! :grin: :sun_with_face: :hugs:

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Oops, my bad, I didn’t know this nuance:)

That means everything to me:)

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No problem! :grin:

You’re so nice! :smile: :hugs:

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I like the worldly sound of this album, like the flutes and light atmosphere. Really fits well with the beautiful footage!

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I really like this album as a whole

You did a wonderful job. @stormy_day

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Hopefully this is not over. I’ll travel soon to South Africa, and there’s a huge chance to create some new material:)


Thank you very much!:slight_smile: