LGBTI* Fanclub Linkin Park

EDIT: After some thinking and discussing here, I want dedicate this topic to all the LGBTI*-Fans, It’s not about “LGBTI-Fans are better than the others”, but about helping each other out. And if there are some lost souls not knowing how to deal with their situation, here they can ask for help. They can write me, they can just chat etc. Or they can share their experiences.
So, welcome in the RainbowLPU. LPUnicorns ftw!

So listen up!

The thing is this: Linkin Park has many fans around the globe. And as I said it years ago, the band has a big impact. They should use it once more.

One of the biggest issues in human rights nowadays is the rising hatred and opression of LGBTI* around the world. Yeah, right, the USA and Ireland now have marriage equality, but on the other hand you are not allowed to say anything good about homosexuality in Russia, because it could be understood as gay propaganda and for that you can get incarcerated.

I myself am “out and proud” and call myself a big fan of LP. So to me it is very important to know, how LP feels about LGBTI* and their situation and how they react to it.

I know, that Chester got abused by a guy and didn’t want to tell anybody because he was afraid of being called gay. And I know about his “It gets better”-Video.

And I know, that in '08 Mike made a blog post dealing with this topic.

But still, they were not saying much, and I want a statement to that topic. I need to know, that LP is supporting everyone, no matter what orientation, identity and origin.

And I demand you, dear LGBTI*(-friendly) Members of LPU to support me on this and to show the band, that I’m Not Alone in this. And maybe they will hear it. And maybe they even will respond to it in. But if not, at least we stand together as one!

I promise, that for the next concert I’m visiting (whenever this will be), I will take a pride flag with me and if I get a chance to, I will hand it to the band and ask them, if they will display it on the show. And I invite you all, to do the same.

Stay queer, stay rebel!

xoxo Mars.

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First time posting on the LPU Forum. Thanks for creating a thread on this topic. I do believe that, as part of the LGBTI, we should be respected by anyone regarding of their profession. It is good to know that certain artists, or certain bands support the community but, the most important part is:

We should be happy with ourselves no matter what the other people think about it.

What I try to say with that is that, it’s great to know that LP or any other band supports the movement but, let’s support ourselves. Let’s try to be the best person we can. Let’s try to be as happy as we can and show that happiness to the rest of the world. Once you learn that the important bit is to be kind with ourselves, everything becomes way easier.

It is not your sexual orientation what should be your main identity. You are important, no matter your sexuality and, in my humble opinion: LGTBI shouldn’t be any kind of main label, or tag. Just be yourself and be happy.

Stay happy! Be the best person you can be!


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I thank you so much for your answer. And I totally agree.
I am totally happy with myself and how everything worked out so far.
It’s like the german director Rosa von Praunheim called his movie “It Is Not the Homosexual Who Is Perverse, But the Society in Which He Lives”. This movie is from 1971 and the title is still very acurate. And influential people can change society. And that’s where I’m aiming at.

And before I stop labelizing myself everyone else should stop labelizing me.

Hugs and kisses to you.
Btw. “Be the best person you can be” is a life motto of mine.

LGBTI*? What does the I* stand for? I thought it was LGBTQ or simply LGBT

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Sorry for getting deeper in the topic, but recently I read a text from Seth Godin in which he makes a great statement about how how scared we are to control how others could feel about us. I’ll partially quote his text so you get an idea of what I mean:


It’s a tool or a curse, and it comes down to the sentence, “I’d be embarrassed to do that.”

If you’re using it to mean, “I would feel the emotion of embarrassment,” you’re recognizing one of the most powerful forces of our culture, a basic human emotion, the fear of which allows groups to control outliers, and those in power to shame those that aren’t.

You can read the full post here.

Yay! Glad to know we share the same life motto :blush:.


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It stands for “intersex”.

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The best way to control how others think about us is to show, how we think of ourselves. How you feel about yourself is how the others feel about you. In one way or another.

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I think it would be awesome to achieve the status where… ‘How others feel about yourself’ becomes not important. But I guess is a difficult journey.

Because of the connection between how others think about me and how I think about myself, it will always be important.

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No need to worry. There are many more little comments (on twitter mostly) the guys have made that show they support the LGBTI community. I understand you want to hear more but consider this: They refrain from talking about their personal, political and religious views in general. This topic is kind of taboo and it’s understandable they chose not to speak much about it (in a good way btw).

Bottom line is, if you feel great about yourself, you shouldn’t worry about what others think. You is what makes you awesome in your own unique way! :wink:

Thanks for your words.
I am not worried. :smiley: I just want to give the Community a platform here and make a point. :wink: And it shouldn’t be taboo.

Maybe this will also work as a thread, where LGBTI*-People who are not so sure about themselves can get help. I think this thread can be off big importance. :wink:

And if you need a friend, there’s a seat here alongside me.

I know, it shouldn’t be taboo and there shouldn’t be a topic about this if people weren’t so damn close-minded and considered LGBTI people “different” or “weird” or whatever. Having grown up with a family member that is a part of this community, I fully understand your struggles and where you’re coming from, so I do hope it’s a way for people here to express their feelings/ideas/whatever about this topic, I’m definitely with you guys :slight_smile:


:heart::heart::heart: Love this comment so much. Yay.


The LP-LGTBI Fan Club :slight_smile: I wouldn’t mind also offering support for those who are in help.

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So shall I rename the topic?

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hahaha that’d be fun.

Not to speak about LP’s private stuff or anything, but I always thought Chester was bi? And I know for sure Mike is supportive of the LGBTI community. He even expressed admiration towards this singer from a rockband, who went into transition to be a woman in his blog a few years ago.

I have a transman in the family and see the struggle from close-by. Especially, since we are active church people, the transman included. Not everyone understands, not everyone will embrace it. There will be people who will turn their backs against you, even people whom you’ve known your entire life.

So to look for acceptance in any way you can is an understandable thing. In the end, we are all souls in need of love from one another. Starting with truly loving yourself as the beautiful soul you are :wink:

I agree: This topic is a good idea and so is an LP-LGBTI Fanclub :slight_smile:

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There are only 2 things I can say related to this post. First, while the topic is interesting, the idea of LP-LGBTI FanClub is bad because all the fans are equal!, Please don’t make a sub category and get compartmentalized. Second, on a friendly note:


You must be fun at parties. It’s not about “LGBTI-Fans are better than the others”, but about helping each other out. And if there are some lost souls not knowing how to deal with their situation, here they can ask for help. They can write me, they can just chat etc. Or they can share their experiences. I am not sure if they can share their experiences everywhere in this forum. There is a need for such kind of platform!

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