LGBTI* Fanclub Linkin Park

Such nice words. Send your familymember greetings from me. :sunny:

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Absolutely agree on the idea of sharing stories related to that :smiley: Just playing around and this came up :smiley:

I don’t see this thread as a negative one, I think is good that everyone has a space to share their ideas and maybe how LP has helped them through their toughest times.

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Absolutely beautiful. Now switch B and T, because that’s the most common abbreviation. I love it.You’re fantastic, Ramses. :wink:

Yay! You guys changed the name of the topic! And I really like logo too @Ramses_Cabello.
Thank you @Marslaeufer , I will :smile:


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Will be uploading the new version in the morning. Excited about this :v:t2:

Just fixed the logo. Find it attached to this email + a small banner. Maybe we could use it on the first post ( ? ).


You’re simply awesome!

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@Marslaeufer I was not saying that anyone is trying to become better than the other. Maybe I was not clear enough. I did say that the idea of this topic is great wherein you can share your stories etc. What I didnt agree to was the idea of a separate community, because if it is about “helping each other out”, I think it makes more sense to be with others. You will have more more helping hands & (maybe) this may educate the -phobes.
And yes, I am fun at parties. Do you want to invite me?

@Ramses_Cabello That’s cool. :smile:

i am Bisexual and i am Happy of be part of this comunity together to all of you sometimes the LGBT comunity forget to add us Bisexual cuz there is Hate and not Respect for each of us Bisexual we are not Confused or Greedy we are ourself so as LP fan i am happy of be friend with you all here Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian , Trans friends, one thing to the Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, Trans Brothers and Sisters here you can call me Sister!. :grin:

To the Hetero friends here i am Bisexual i like men and women and as your friend i will never take your girlfriend or your boyfriend cuz a friend don’t take away a Love between two people that already are engaged i am not a slut i am a friend that i like men and women, the word Bisexual don’t mean have a theresome with two people together Bisexual is love men and women some people have theresome together with a man and a woman at the same time but i am not one that have the need to have a theresome so i will not betray your friendship if is this that scary you to accept me as your friend, i am a true friend if you invite me to lunch or dinner i eat the food that you give me then i go at home i will not do a theresome with none of you!! :wink:
So now everyone of you know i am Bisexual that i like men and women i am mayself not a double face a true person as every human on Earth! :smiley:

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You guys don’t have to make a fan club for LGBTI, the lpu is the lpu. We accept everyone and bunnies, let out your stuff here, there is no hate or discriminating here :3

Here’s a Pride bunny


Stop dying animals!!! (Smacks @Gatsie with a fishie)

hi I’m new to this website. so I just wanted to say its awesome that you did this kinda thing so thank you.

Hey @littlemissantisocail you revived a three years old thread :joy:, nevertheless welcome to the lpu - maybe look around at the newer threads?

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I was thinking when I was going to find a thread like this jaja nice to finally find it :slight_smile: I’m bi too.

Looool - what is this thread now about? I‘m lost :joy:

:exploding_head: How did I miss this thread!? Anyway, I’m glad it’s been revived. Besides being a Huuge LP fan, one of the reasons I joined the LP message board was because I knew I’d be safe. I remember reading the Rules of Conduct for these boards and noticing that homophobic remarks were particularly prohibited. I also saw people who violated that rule were banned. Unlike pretty much every area of my life (family, school, etc.) where people couldn’t care less if people like me felt physically or emotionally safe, I knew I’d be safe here from the remarks and derogatory words I heard every day. This was several years ago when it wasn’t exactly popular to voice support for lgbtqiaa folks. Even in America it was still really controversial. So props to LP for being an early supporter. At least here I knew I wouldn’t be made to feel ‘different ‘ or ‘less than.’ :+1:. Around here, it’s all about the music. :metal: :musical_score::musical_score::musical_score::sunglasses:


For what I read it was about a club of our community on the forum, then it changed only to be one community (as always it has been) and then it died. After that it became into a random matter until my reply.

And for @no0rdinarysoldier there is nothing to fear here. This family is such a lot of people talking about LP, it’s support and love for each member.