Let's Talk About Mutemath

To those of you who have seen them on the Civic Tour: I’m wondering what you think of them. To those who have never heard of them and have yet to see them, I hope you’ll give them a chance as they’re one of the most incredible live acts out there right now, IMO.

It seems to be kind of an odd pairing that they would be touring with Linkin Park, but when I think about the crowd experience at both a Linkin Park and a Mutemath show, both crowds are so diverse, everyone is so kind because they are just so amped to be there and both bands just kick ass on stage. I’ve never left an LP or Mutemath show without making a new friend (or two, or ten). Mutemath does some insane sh*t onstage. I’m talking bringing out a giant inflatable mattress-type thing so the singer can jump from the stage on top of the audience. I know their set for the Civic Tour will be toned down big time, but I hope they’ll pull out some of their old tricks.

I’m an aspiring concert photographer and was privileged to receive credentials to shoot Mutemath’s entire show this past March. Check out my shtuff over at Facebook!

MuteMath is amazing live. I’ve seen them a few times and i hope to catch a few songs tonight but I think I’ll be missing because of the M&G. Check them out. They can put on a show.

Mutemath is my second favorite band next to Linkin Park. You can imagine how excited I was to hear that they are touring together. I have seen them live 3 times in the last year and feel like they are better live than on their CDs. They will mix well with LP since they have a sound that is a mix of genres. I feel like they are a group that is always on the edge of popularity. They are everywhere and yet no one notices them. Their music videos came stock on blackberry phones. They are on multiple soundtracks and are always on Alt Nation (XM station) I’m hoping that this tour gives them the push they need but at the same time I wish I could keep them to myself so that they don’t attract that crowd that only likes them because its a fad.

I really didnt like MM. I couldnt get into their music but the drummer was cool

I’ve never seen them live, but I love most of their music. If only they’ll some day do a Europe tour!

I would say they are my favorite band next to Linkin Park too, as is Incubus, so my brain pretty much exploded when I heard they were all touring together. I’ve seen Mutemath twice and like I said, there isn’t another band (besides Linkin Park, of course) that gives me that crazy high you get after seeing a great show like those guys.

I’ve been reading a lot of backlash from other MM fans that they’re on this tour, but I’m stoked for them that they will be playing for so many people and picking up new fans along the way. Linkin Park is probably the best band to tour with to get that push. I don’t think any of us like LP because it’s a fad, right? LOL. I hear ya though. I definitely get that possessive feeling that I want to keep them to myself. They’re touring with Civil Twilight next, and those guys are definitely a trendy band right now, but it’s cool that they aren’t afraid to go on tour with all different kinds of bands.

I listened to a couple tracks over YouTube, and I have to say it caught my attention. I try not to limit myself to genres of music and always give groups a shot. The Camden show will be my deciding factor but I think I’m going to like them :slight_smile:

I’ll be at the Camden show too. I think they’ll show the crowd some love because their first ever sold out show was at the TLA. I think Philly/Camden has a soft spot in their hearts. Hope you like what you hear!

i really enjoyed them in Camden. i REALLY liked their last song on the setlist, i think it was called “restart” or “replay” or something like that i dont think it had singing in it but it still rocked[biggrin]

Their drummer is badass.

[quote=theREQUIEMbeats]i really enjoyed them in Camden. i REALLY liked their last song on the setlist, i think it was called “restart” or “replay” or something like that i dont think it had singing in it but it still rocked[biggrin]

You’re close… it’s called “Reset” and it’s an instrumental. One of my favorites too. I listen to it whenever I feel the need to press reset :slight_smile:

And their drummer is a badass. Fo sho.

What a performance they put on in Camden for the Honda Civic Tour. I liked every second of it! They did so well and the next day, I just had to purchase some of their stuff.

Good band and I look forward to keeping my eye on them!

Mutemath’s set amazed me! Their drummer is nuts, and so talented! And that atari thing…seriously WHAT IS THAT THING?! I WANT ONE! Lol

I had heard of them back when I was in college a few years ago. I wanna say around…2008 I think it was. I liked what I heard, but then just kinda forgot about them a little. When I heard they were gonna be on this tour I just remember being like “mutemath…weren’t they that Christian band…?” but couldn’t remember their music, but I heard a song or 2 in their set that I remembered about halfway through.

Yeah, I think they started out as a Christian band, but have stepped away from that to become more mainstream, I suppose. There are still elements of religious elements in their lyrics but it’s less “Christian” and more faith-based, even questioning/challenging the system of religion at times.

You guys gotta see them when they tour again in the Fall. I’m not sure if they are headlining, but they’ll be touring with Civil Twilight. Their set is nothing short of batshit. I could write a book, but I’ll just share this photo from the first time I saw them, when Darren (the drummer) handed the drum to the audience and they held it up while he stood on top of it. Then he either jumps back to the stage or into the crowd. Luckily my friend was watching the show from the tv at the bar and caught this moment:

Dammit! The picture isn’t working. Oh well, it’s here if you want to see.

Wow…that’s crazy! I’m gonna have to see them again!

I saw Mutemath at the Tinley Park show. They were incredible. Definitely will pay money to download their stuff and to see them live again. When they first started playing, I thought to myself “jazz fusion combo.” And whenever anyone I listen to live has that vibe, they are usually the best musicans in the house. Of course they aren’t just a jazz combo, but I hope you get what I’m meaning.

Just saw them in Tinley Park & Noblesville, I REALLY enjoyed their set. Will definitely be buying their CDs soon!

I saw them twice a couple weeks ago. I like their sound, but their songs just seemed to drag on forever (kind of like most Metallica songs).

I’ve never heard them before and, because of HCT, I got curiosity about them. Gonna look for them on Last.fm.

They’re french, right?