Let's help Missy from MFR! Carson and Chula!

Hey guys, I started a box (and I have more empty ones!) to fill with shampoo, soap and other such toiletries to give to Missy from Music for Relief.

When Jim had done a chat about two weeks ago, he and Missy mentioned how she collected the unused shampoos from their hotels and donated them to women’s shelters.

So, I dumped the ones I had collected into the box- but I also went to the 99 Cents Store and bought $15 of items.

My friends and I have already planned to add to the box together, but:

  1. If you live in the Valley, specifically near CSU-Northridge

  2. If you are going to Carson

  3. If you are going to Chula Vista

let me know if you can add items! I could meet up with you before the concerts themselves, but I could also collect items at Carson before or after the show (not like we could beat the masses from the parking lot lol), and before Chula.

$10-$15 alone could make a difference- if you can afford more or less, just anything at all can help. Or maybe you’re like me who has a hoarder in them and you already have extra shampoos :smiley: haha

Let me know through here or through a message. Thanks!