Let`s found a LP coverband!

Hey you guys from germany ( especially from hessen and baden-würtemberg ) , im 14 years old and sing chesters parts ( and yes,i know how to scream ) , i`m not perfect , but i work hard everyday. So if you are between 12 and 16 years old and are able to play the guitarre , bass , drums , know how to rap or to deal with the turntables , let me know. Please take my idea seriously. LP rocks - again !

i would join you definitely
but sorry
no can do
not living in germany
neither do i play any of those instruments but
we both love the same band and i love to sing so


good luck

THANKS :wink:

I’m 19 and play the bass guitar (and can sing to a degree) but seeing as how you are in Germany…

I’m 17, from Germany (near Cologne) and I’d like to do the rap parts (if I’m good enough for that)!
EDIT: I now some very basics about playing guitar, but I’d be up to learn more referring to that.

Sounds good, but I dont know exactly where Colongne is, can you tell me ? And what about a room for the rehearse, Ive got a garage at home…

Okaaaaay, I’ve never heard of a German who doesn’t know Cologne (Köln)…
Well, it’s…in the Eifel, where the LANXESS arena is. Don’t know…where the Cologone Dome is, you gotta know that man :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, there was a time, when my mind wasnt outta control... I realized that Cologne means Köln, as I have just submitted that and then... no, no turning back now ! So, I know two guys ( in my age ) from Gütersloh ( Drummer, Keyboarder ), who would help us to become the best LP coverband. Im waiting for them to reply. Have you got time next weekend ?

haha, alright :smiley:
Next weekend is a bit bad, but…what exactly have you planned for that day(s) ?

I play the guitar. But I live in Berlin and already play in two bands. Otherwise I would really like to join :confused:

I`d like to do a little session, just to test how the new band fits together. alo a bit of this and that, all these organizing things, you know…

Okay…well, I could…don’t know…try to send you a vocal demo or something like that or you could send me a demo by you. I don’t mean a professional one, but…just to know how it sound, u know ?
Since I’m not gonna be able to attend this weekend, it might be necessary to kinda…check, if the people that are going to be in that band are actually…don’t know…coming along with each other and so on. But I don’t know how 2 handle that…we should probably do this via PM or somn’ like that…

OK, Ill send you a vocal demo, just give me (if its OK ) your mail-adress.

By the way, which song(s) shall I sing ? I know every song by heart, from Papercut to The Messenger.

love your idea :slight_smile: I give you my support!

i can’t believe i’m saying this but I’M TOO OLD lol

I gonna send you a PM :wink:

OK :wink:

Come on , guys ! Let`s see a bit more ; )

[quote=Lizzi]i can’t believe i’m saying this but I’M TOO OLD lol

me too :'D hahah