Learning Spanish

i aint able to catch up. Bit busy with some stupid school stuffs :frowning: probably will study everything nicely and do the homework on sunday… :frowning: :no_mouth:
Sorry @ironsoldier16 for being late student :no_mouth:

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Thanks, it is helpful for me! In Czech it’s similar too :wink:

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Sorry for getting late @ironsoldier16. But i am done with homework. We can proceed… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yup, there is no qua nor quo, cuz cua and cuo replaces qua and quo respectively. (Cuarentena = Quarantine, Cuota = Quota) As for quu, there is no double vowels of the same vowel in Spanish (I think)


Welcome to the Class 2. Today we are going to see:

Inverse syllables

  • Just write the vowel first and second the consonant.
  • It can be at the beginning, the middle or the ending of the word.
  • For the pronunciation you say first the vowel and them the sound of the consonant.
  • Note: no all the consonants can be inverse.

Answers to the first exercise:
Ba, be, bi, bo, bu.
Ca, ce, ci, co,
Da, de, di, do du.
Fa, fe, fi, fo, fu.
Ga, ge, gi, go, gu.
Ha, he, hi, ho, hu,
Ja, je, ji, jo, ju.
Ka, ke, ki, ko, ku.
La, le, li, lo, lu.
Ma, me, mi, mo, mu.
Na, ne, ni, no, nu.
Ña, ñe, ñi, ño, ñu.
Pa, pe, pi, po, pu
Que, qui.
Ra, re, ri, ro, ru.
Sa, se, si, so, su.
Ta, te, ti, to, tu.
Va, ve, vi, vo, vu.
Wa, we, wi, wo, wu.
Xa, xe, xi, xo, xu.
Ya, ye, yi, yo, yu.
Za, ze, zi, zo, zu.
Cha, che, chi, cho, chu.
Lla, lle, lli, llo, llu.
Sha, she, shi, sho, shu.
rra, rre, rri, rro, rru. (It’s imposible write this letter in capital letter because it’s only use in the middle or the end of a word, never at the beginning.)
Bla, ble, bli, blo, blu.
Bra, bre, bri, bro, bru.
Cla, cle, cli, clo, clu.
Cra, cre, cri, cro, cru.
Dra, dre, dri, dro, dru.
Fla, fle, fli, flo, flu.
Fra, fre, fri, fro fru.
Gla, gle, gli, glo, glu.
Gra, gre, gri, gro, gru.
Pla, ple, pli, plo, plu.
Pra, pre, pri, pro, pru.
Tla, tle, tli, tlo, tlu. (it’s more use in the middle and the end.)
Tra, tre, tri, tro, tru.

Remember use the link that @framos1792 posted in the reply 4. It will help you with the pronunciation.


  1. Cero
  2. Uno
  3. Dos
  4. Tres
  5. Cuatro
  6. Cinco
  7. Seis
  8. Siete
  9. Ocho
  10. Nueve
  11. Diez
  12. Once
  13. Doce
  14. Trece
  15. Catorce
  16. Quince
  17. Dieciséis
  18. Diecisiete
  19. Dieciocho
  20. Diecinueve
  21. Veinte
  22. Veintiuno
  23. Veintidos
  24. Veintitres
  25. Veinticuatro
  26. Veinticinco
  27. Veintiseis
  28. Veintisiete
  29. Veintiocho
  30. Veintinueve
  31. Treinta
  32. Treinta y uno
  33. Treinta y dos
  34. Treinta y tres
  35. Treinta y cuatro
  36. Treinta y cinco

The only thing you need to remember is:

  • The numbers from the 16 to 29 are written together.

  • The number from the 30 to 99 are written separately.

  • For the 40-49 write: Cuarenta.

  • For the 50-59 write: Cincuenta.

  • For the 60-69 write: Sesenta.

  • For the 70-79 write: Setenta.

  • For the 80-89 write: Ochenta.

  • For the 90-99 write: Noventa.

  • For the 100: Ciento

  • For the 200: Doscientos.

  • For the 300: Trescientos.

  • For the 400: Cuatrocientos.

  • For the 500: Quinientos.

  • For the 600: Seiscientos.

  • For the 700: Setecientos.

  • For the 800: Ochocientos.

  • For the 900: Novecientos.

  • For the 1,000: Mil.

  • For the 1,000,000: Millón.

Exercise: Write the number from the 1 to the 100 in recycling sheets and upload them.

About the exercise @lpfan61 and @Honey8 check it out carefully.

We have with “aa” (contraatacar), “ee” (reeditar) and “oo” (cooperación),

Next Theme: Ways to great.

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Exercise 2 done! :smile: I made a single upload to not have 3-4 different photos per person…
Hope I made it right… :blush:

Q: 6 = seis or séis? I wrote without accent mark…


I have got something to ask. @ironsoldier16

Working with the homework. Will upload it in some time.

Edit: actually it takes time to memorize. :no_mouth:

Edit 2: if you want y’all can go ahead. I will catch up soon. I am good catching up, just need memorizing time… :slightly_smiling_face:

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The next numbers you must correct them:

15, 51-59. See the Q and the C.

About your question: just the 16 and 26 use the accent mark.


You’re right! :scream: I confused with Italian… very sorry teacher… :pensive: I’ll correct them… :see_no_evil:


Yes! Remember that no all consonants can be inverse. We don’t have words with añ, eñ, iñ, oñ, uñ. So do the exercise as you think. You can use Google to help you too. You can search: ejemplos de palabras con ab, ob, er, etc. (Example of words with ab, ob, er, etc.)

Exactly, just them. “Jr” is used as an abbreviation of Junior.
Take your time!

Okay thanks. I got it!

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Vittorio?? Si te suena Lula y Cosme, entonces sí.

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Yes, it’s me. Any thing you want to tell me write me at: tellezvictormanueloutlook.com or use the thread of Latin American user. This is for learn Spanish :wink:


@ironsoldier16 I just wanted to ask if Spanish is your area of expertise (i.e. you’re a spanish teacher) or you teach multiple subjects?

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I graduated from urban primary school teacher, but I am studying a faculty in literature and literature at the university. So both of them, in my work my strong areas are Spanish and English followed by math (just primary school level.)


Ah cool. :slight_smile:


Yeah we really have got a nice teacher… :blush::blush:

well i still am going a bit confused in the numbers… a bit hard to memorize… will Probably complete the homework till tmro. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Which part? The word itself, the order or what?

The words… will learn with the pronounce correctly tmro… it will be bit easy :slightly_smiling_face:

Alright. I’ll search a video with the number and I’ll post here. BTW you can try with the link that @framos1792 posted almost at the beginning.