Learning Guitar - Guitar/Amp Suggestions?

Hi, there

I was just curious if anybody could help point me in the right direction for an affordable guitar/amp? I’m a beginner, and Linkin Park have been my primary inspiration to learn! (Especially their stuff from Hybrid Theory, Meteora and The Hunting Party).

At the moment, I’m looking at this pack to get me started, but does anybody have any suggestions in order to get sounds similar to that of One Step Closer, By Myself, Faint, Forgotten, and Guilty All The Same? - http://www.soundcentre.com.au/electric-guitar-packs/1036-yamaha-gigmakerfx-electric-guitar-pack-.html

Thanks for any help :smile:

Hey there. Nice that you wanna learn because of them. Kind of how my love for guitar started.

It’s always best to start learning with an acoustic/spanish guitar and not go straight to electric. You can if you want of course, but you will find it way more hard to play certain songs later that require an acoustic (because of the frets).

Either way, don’t spend too much money on a guitar. You can find great deals of cheap beginner guitars that come with everything you will need (picks, amp, tuner, etc). Have a look at this site, they have everything.

A few beginner sets you can consider are these:

  1. http://www.thomann.de/gr/fender_squier_affinity_strat_h_bundle.htm
  2. http://www.thomann.de/gr/yamaha_pacifica_212v_qm_tbl_bundle.htm
  3. http://www.thomann.de/gr/ibanez_jumpstart_ijrg200_rd.htm

Are you going to learn by yourself or take lesson? If lessons is what you’re going for, you can always ask your teacher for advice, they’ll guide you through everything.

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Hey, sorry for the late reply.

Thanks for the suggestions too! I did read them prior to purchasing, but I did end up grabbing the Yamaha I originally linked.

I’m learning by myself, but watching YouTube videos to guide me :).

Sweet, if you need any suggestions on good YT teachers/tutorials let me know. It is how I learned as well. Have fun and good luck!