Latest dream of Chester


I haven’t posted on here in a long time and it’s been a while since I’ve dreamed of Chester.

Last night, however, I had a brief, somewhat vivid dream where I saw Chester. We were outside, in a town somewhere, standing on a sidewalk. When I saw him, I immediately freaked out and he saw me and smiled. We walked up to each other and we hugged each other tightly. It was a long hug too <3

And I was crying of course because I was so happy to see him. When we were saying goodbye, I tried to kiss him on the cheek but I accidentally kissed his lips and it was kinda awkward lol.

I don’t remember all the details but we definitely did hug for an extended period of time, which made me super happy but sad at the same time. I miss Chester so much :’( I can’t believe it’s almost been a year. I hope I get to dream of him again soon.


I wish i would have a dream of Chester or just to get the chance to meet him in my dreams but sadly i don’t dream to often because of how little sleep i’ve been getting recently because of IRL stuff going on but i’m glad that you got the chance to see Chester even if it was just in a dream i just hope to get that chance one of these days because i never got to see him before he passed away.

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Aww those hugging dreams with Chester are the best :black_heart:

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Definitely <3

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