Las Vegas, Nevada Chester Bennington Memorial. September 2nd, 2017

Hi everyone,

I am still in disbelief about our beloved Chester and can’t stop crying. I want to know how many of you would be interested in having a memorial for the most talented and beautiful human ever CHESTER BENNINGTON.


I would join but I’m living in Switzerland. I booked my tix yesterday for the Vegas concert. Hoping to see you there to have a great evening <3 in memories and stories how he was supporting our lives…

Thank you.

I got to see Linkin Park one last time in Vegas I’m glad a went, I’m sad I will never be able to see them again. It heart breaking to see someone who you admire go so soon before their time. My prayers go out to to Chester’s family.


I hope they do have something happen
I’ll go
Probably LA?

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Hopefully!@ But I want to organize something here in Las Vegas!

Let me know if you decide to do a memorial in Vegas. I no longer live there, but have some friends that still live there that would love to go. I saw them in Vegas in 2011 (in which I FINALLY got to meet them) and again in 2013. Stay strong, my friends. :heart:

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I’ll be there <3

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Hi, I met them that same day too, I am the one with red hair hugging Chester in your profile picture. I really want to do it but want to know what date and time would work better for most people. Could you please see if your friends would be able to attend this weekend? Thank you!


Oh, you’re so lucky. I’m the girl with the short hair right in front of Mike. I’ll ask my friends and see what they say.

So my friends that want to go all have to work this weekend, but if you set it up, just let me know where and when and they said they’ll try their best to go.

I am thinking on Friday 28th outside MGM Casino at 6:00pm. I can bring candles…

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I have at least one friend, Jenny, who thinks she should be able to go. Maybe you should try to make it a public even on facebook or something?

Yes, I just created one. You can find it on Facebook as “Chester Bennington tribute Las Vegas, Nevada”.

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This is the link to the event page! Redirecting...


I invited a lot of my friends from Vegas. I hope they can make it! :heart:

For more updates please post on: LPU Memorials for different countries

Thank you so much! I received requests to change the date for September 2nd, so I did, I really hope they can still make it. Thank you!


We created a Facebook group for 9/2

Why sep 2? That seems so far away…