LA Show May 18


Does anybody know if there will be meet & greet opportunities for this show (aside from the special VIP tickets) since it’s going to be just LPU members?

It’s always best to try to email Adam with questions relating to subjects like this. He’s very helpful when people have questions.

No meet & greet at this show

Got the email this morning regarding the tickets going on sale for the show . . . cannot wait! I already purchased tickets for the Chula Vista show in September, so this announcement makes me double stoked!
Gonna def get the meet and greet tickets for this event - should be a blast!

There is a meet and greet for this show, but its a tad pricey, $300/person. What the Hell, you only live once, right?!

Thanks guys for doing this show for us!!! And it sounds like it is for a wonderful cause . . .


[quote=Adam]No meet & greet at this show