La Dispute

For anyone interested in expanding their musical horizons, I would like to recommend La Dispute. Perhaps you may have already heard of them, but if not then feel free to check them out!

The vocals are different, and I’ll admit they were a unappealing to me at first, but they grow on you. But it’s all about the lyrics with La Dispute.

First song on their first album, they have better songs but this is just a taste:

Oh, yeah. I also like La Dispute :slight_smile: You know, there’s a good magazine for alternative music here in Germany, called “Visions”. And they just put La Disput’s latest album “Wildlife” as a gift for their subscribers into one booklet. How cool was that? But anyway, that’s how I heard about that band.

Wow I’m jealous that you got it for free! Well, at least with the subscription. I was looking through the stores and the only place I can get either cd is online, so I have yet to buy either one. But, I have been streaming via their website and youtube, etc. Really great stuff.

You can listen to the whole album here. You can also buy the download there, also on iTunes.

dont know who that is D;