Kinda disappointed in who manages the LP store

Just needed to rant cos I’m kinda disappointed in whatever company is handling The Linkin park store orders. I ordered the bridge poster mid November way before the Christmas sales even started and even the 2 weeks before Christmas the store still said it was in stock. But like the week or so before Christmas I received an email saying I will be getting a partial refund as the poster is out of stock. Why offer it in Christmas bundles when you can’t even fulfill orders for people who ordered it a whole month and a bit?


That is just wrong were did you order form because of it was me I would write them a strongly writern letter about how much they suck but that’s just me

Ordered it from the Linkin park store, apparently the merchandiser is Three Ten Merch but wrote to them asking why and all they really told me was their system couldn’t handle it and what not and to wait for a restock? But it seems like they don’t know whether or not it will actually be restocked

I don’t know what is going on exactly, but that poster was being offered in the LPU 17 merchandise bundles as well, so it’s possible they underestimated stock. I’d wait until the holiday craziness is over and see what they have to say after that.

Do you know why you only received a partial refund, though? Did you have other items in the order that you did receive?


Yea I received the other item that I ordered but still they should have priority for people who ordered the items first

From what I saw, not many LPU members even got the poster. And it’s possible the ones that did did order before you, and the main Linkin Park store just wasn’t updated in time. I’m still not completely sure what happened with the situation

So there are LPU members who got it with the bundle when I ordered it before they even announced the bundle?

In regards to the linkin park store i have made a purchase since May 2020 and it is now August and no order was recieved since i placed an online order. Recieved & sent numerous Emails to support and my order is still not proccessed or shipped out since i placed a pre-order for the face masks and a Chester Bennington T-shirt that i was hoping to recieve by the time of Chester’s death anniversary. Support is really horrible and i don’t think that i will make another transaction with them if this is how long it will be for me to recieve my order.

I’ve had my issues with the current webstore provider over the years, but they are typically resolved pretty soon after, but that being said, none of that was during the pandemic. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be upset by this though, especially if your money has already been taken.

Has anyone else had any contact with the store support in 2020?

It’s closed now anyway

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