KIA ORA from New Zealand


Ah nice! That’s such an awesome way to spend the first few weeks for 2018 :raised_hands:t3: Six60 are such an awesome live band! I’ve been lucky enough to see them two or three times already. Have you seen them before? I haven’t seen Devilskin live yet but their performance at the VNZMAs was wicked.

I am going up to Auckland on the 5th for a few days and to see Kaytranada. I have tickets for Laneway - my first one! - and Electric Avenue - a Christchurch festival. Besides that I’ll probably be working and visiting mates until I start back with study.

Not too much so far this week but the last two weeks have been killer! We had to cut the kids’ outdoor time short for a few days because we were worried they’d get heatstroke. It’s been warm enough for some nice night swims though :swimming_man:‍♂️ How’s it been in the city that you can’t beat on a good day?!


I can’t count how many times I’ve seen Six60 - basically everytime they’ve been in town I think…haha. Dunno that I’m overly loving their new album - but then to be fair - LP is still the only playlist getting any airtime in my earholes at the mo…so…
Fat Freddys is the one I keep missing, have only seen them twice…and it’s not enough!

It was ridiculously hot till this week - now we’re back to normal weather, which I love and everyone else hates…HAHA. Otherwise the radical reduction in politicians in the area, as they head back to wherever they all come from… has improved the vibe in the city ten-fold :smiley:


I hope this card reaches you.

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Woah. I go away for a few days for Christmas and this happens? Hahaha.
You all good @kathy357?


Hey @todd_williamson - I am great - Home from work -brrrr freezing tho single digits -Thursday have off for my Birthday - Friday thru Monday Holiday-:tv::christmas_tree::confetti_ball:


Hello @todd_williamson, @neeksnz, @moocho @zenataylor! (I think you’re all from there :sweat_smile: and anyone I missed :no_mouth:)

Really hoping you’re all well over in NZ! :confused: I had to check in on the kiwis when I saw Christchurch mentioned…
thoughts with everyone there! :muscle:t3::slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for thinking of us. It means a lot x


Thanks!!! OMG…seriously crazy shiz over here.
We’re all still in shock.
49 people… in our little country…on the other side of the world.
So much disruption to so many lives - it’s just disgusting and pointless.
This won’t change us. This action does not represent our country and what we stand for. We will remain full of love and compassion - because that is who we are.


I am lucky - no one I know directly impacted. So all ok here.
Thanks for your love and support - Kia Kaha brothers and sisters! :muscle:t2: :worried:


What a lovely thought for such a horrendous event @framos1792.
I am in Australia but our hearts are breaking for our ‘Kiwi Cousins’ xxx


You’re heeeeeeeere! :smile::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:
You’ve been gone for too long :triumph::sweat_smile:

Yeah… it’s hard to wrap your mind around it happening in that part of the world, musically I tend to hear a bit of NZ so I’ve heard how chill it is there so it was harsh to hear… :pensive:

Feeling and thinking of/for every person involved but super happy you’re well and didn’t affect you! :woozy_face:
Kia kaha! :muscle:t3::hugs:

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Ahh ok :sweat_smile: maybe I read you say you visited or something and that’s why I had it in mind but still happy checking in :grin:

Aye, Kia kaha in unison :slightly_smiling_face:


I know - it’s been a fecker of a year…but saw your post - had to come back and at least say hi!

We are super chilled out usually - but now… well…it’ll take time, and some answers, for things to settle down again.
I’m just glad we have someone in charge that can show compassion and true leadership during this time.
Having said that - other than Christchurch - everyone was out and about today being normal and doing normal things.

All you fullas here OK?


Big hugs :hugs: and I’m so happy to hear from you @neeksnz, and it’s just a catastrophe… I will never ever understand what is going on with people doing such things- but what I definitely know that it’s not right that every idiot can buy weapons… what do we need them for at all??? BS - sending you all the love I can and you guys are strong and will get over this in time…


Hi I was shocked when the news broke. I was in NZ and I love the country so it was a massive heartbreak. I hope you are all good


Our PM is awesome - she just banned the guns in question…boom…done.
We had our 2 minute silence this Friday - there were vigils everywhere, it was beautiful. But now they wanna do another one next week - and it’s like…guys…come on… at some point we gotta start getting on with things…we can’t be vigil-ing for the rest of time.
Meanwhile - a crapload of money has been raised for the victims, which is awesome.

Otherwise, in my hometown everything is back to normal…apart from armed police standing vigil around the place…that - is - weird!!!

Thanks for the hugs guys - I’ve been spreading them around :slight_smile:


Stay safe with the cyclone now. I just saw that Franz Josef is being battered and Waiho Bridge fell :frowning: always something.
I’ve been there and it’s just bad :frowning:


It was great to see the stories of everything being shut down so swiftly :scream: no nonsense and people willingly giving the automatics up :hushed: the US could learn :sweat_smile:

Aye, I agree that getting on with life while holding their memories close is the best way for people to heal but people move at different paces :slightly_smiling_face:

@rorybourdon it’s great to see you here again :star_struck: and I just saw you’re moving for a while :star_struck: I hope it highlights good changes in life? :smile:


Yeah! It is a massive change for me. Although date of my move was pushed a bit due to visa problems but I can’t wait. I’m happy again and life is just beautiful :heart:

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