Just Got My Fort Minor Exclusive Vinyls

Just got my Fort Minor Exclusive Vinyls today. I ordered two. One deluxe and one regular. They’re both excellent pieces. Mike even drew a sketch on the deluxe version. Both items came signed. They’re already framed. Must have for a big fan.

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The Vinyls look wonderful. I must give props to it’s maker, they are wonderfully made :wink: You are a fortunate one for owning such collectibles.

Saw lots of people receive their vinyls these last 2-3 days and I must say they look amazing. Wish I could afford one.

really nice vinyls, congrat :hibiscus:

Yeah, “must have for a big fan”… Wish they were cheaper. They’re too expensive for me!

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Mine :smiley:

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Very nice cover you got there. Thats awesome that you were able to see where it is on the mural.

Yeah, but these stuff is for Hardcore fans even too exp for me! But it is MS FM Art, maybe t become more wealthy in the future… :smiley:

I don’t blame Mike or whoever decided on the prices. It’s understandable since these are part of the mural and everything.
I just feel like, lately, a lot of the “exclusive” stuff are not for everyone. Especially in this day and age, with the economy being as it, it’s pretty ironic to put all these stuff out knowing that 10% (maybe even less) of your fans can actually afford them (Perfect examples being the vinyls now, the Rolex Mike designed, the parka he did with 686 and even his shoes). Plus, merch in general is way more expensive than it used to be nowadays.

That’s because this is Mike’s life song [see vid below]. He wakes up with it, uses it as a mantra throughout the day and goes to sleep with it every night. Yes, this song right here is his life anthem.


Thankfully, almost all proceeds go to his schoolarship at Art Center and to various non-profit organizations his family supports :slight_smile:

I’m happy to share that Mike just re-tweeted my pic I sent him on twitter. It’s the same pic in this topic. My twitter name is Carmine Bowe. Very happy day today

Here it is

Ya’all are lucky bastards that’s what ya’alls are, ya’all! No but seriously, that’s sweet that he retweeted ya’ all. Ya’'allss, that is super nifty. :joy_cat: :+1:

I look at these items as a luxury. I have a small pot of savings I use for whatever I want to buy. I save for months, then buy.

Also, this stuff if for fans who are willing to pay for them. Doesn’t make you more or less of a fan.

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Do people actually listen to their vinyls or do they just keep them framed? In which case that sort of defeats the point of you owning one. Also, am I the only one who thinks the vinyl looks like a kiwi slice?

Vinyls are basically pieces that belong to a museum if you ask me, especially if we’re talking about very old ones. They’re collectible items to me… nothing better than listening to a vinyl, so muh magic going on.

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The only reason I’d listen to vinyl is for the sound quality (analogue over digital), however, you can always buy an external DAC for your CD player or buy one with a built in DAC then just get a decent amp and a pair of headphones/speakers and you’re good to go.