Just a little 'Living Things' doodle



Had this CD case almost as long as I’ve listened to LP. (around 16 or so years.) I drew on it way back when, (first two images) probably the first years I had it. Set aside, didn’t pick it up again until recently. I saw the #xmaslightforchester and decided this was the time I would start drawing in it again. Today’s prompt was ‘something pink.’ So I did a doodle of the Living Things artwork with paint markers and sharpie. It’s far from perfect, as my hand is permanently warped now, but it was good exercise.

If you’re not doing #xmaslightforchester yet, I suggest you check it out. It’s a cool idea.



I think your drawings look good :smiley:

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Thank you.

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Yeah they are nice doodles.

I love your doodles cool

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Hi I also like them Very good

hiya! are you new here? :smiley: Welcome to forums then…!!! hope you have a great time here! :blush:

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Yea Kinda well you earn badges I didnt know there was different levels I just started level 2 I am proud of that So now I can join more clubs When i see something or someone interesting I can let them know Merry Christmas Thank you for the welcome

Please stop posting the same thing in every thread.