Join us to a Chester worldwide tribute!

Hi guys, my best friend and I came up with an idea to honor Chester. Next Wednesday night, July 26th, we’ll be putting some personalized LP symbols, with a star, on every tree we can find around us, here in Portugal, like we’re forming a path of stars. On the last one, we’ll be leaving a candle with a photo of him, so people will know who we are honoring. Our idea was for everyone around the world to do this, or something similar, so we can be everywhere, so he can be anywhere, so we can fill the world with a million stars, so we can spread love as much as he spread all of his light.
It’s okay if you won’t be able to do it on Wednesday, we chose that day as it was the best one for the two of us. You can do it later on, you can even do it earlier. Our idea was to simply honor him, and to be able to reach as many people as we can. We’ll attach the image of the LP symbol with a star, if you all want to use it, but you can use anything you want to, any other images or things you might want to leave on trees. Feel free to use the #AMillionStarsTribute hashtag, and especially the #RIPChester one, so all your beautiful things can come up on the page.
We’re so grateful for this amazing family, for this band. We’ll always be together, with them. Always. We will keep him alive.
The world will know he was and is important. You’re all important. We care.

#AMillionStarsTribute #RIPChester

tribute page


I’m interested. I’ll try to do everything I can do.

thank you so so much :heart:
spread the word if you can, we are trying our best to get this everywhere :dizzy:

this sounds like a lovely idea, but tbh I’m not a very handy person and seems like a lot of work to make so many LP logos to hang around. maybe if you have a printer it’s an easy thing, but unfortunately I don’t :confused:
if someone from Finland is willing to print out the logos I’d love to join in spreading them <3

you can make a star <3 just a star, you dont really need to use the logo if you can’t don’t worry
or just spread something that reminds you of chester
the idea is spread love and his memory
share this if you can, we are trying to get everywhere , thank you so so much :heartpulse: