Joe Hahn's "Mall"

Has anybody watched Joe Hahn’s film “Mall”?

My DVD copy arrived the other day, and I watched it for the first time last night, and I have to day, what an incredible film.

For anybody else that’s seen it as well (or is thinking about watching it), what are your thoughts about it? Did you enjoy the story behind it? Did you read the the novel by

I watched only once. And to be honest on a scale 0-10 I would give a note 6. But I think he should keep trying, reminds me a lot of movies early 90s.I’ll watch it again this weekend to see if I change my opinion about it, but for a first feature film this good.

I thought it was very well done. I could tell it was joe directing. He has certain signature shots. I would like to see more from him. I was surprised by how graphic some of the scenes and dialogue were. But I enjoyed it very much.

Yeah, it definitely gives off more of a dark vibe. It definitely leaves you thinking.

It was a great film. The soundtrack is awesome btw

not yet :worried:

I keep playing with the idea to go and watch Joe’s film. Saw the trailer of course. And it’s great that the other guys of the band support him so much with the project. For some reason I just don’t really feel attracted to the movie.

It’s about a kid planning to shoot up a mall, right?

Kind of. Without giving too much away, there’s two main characters. One basically goes on a shooting spree, killing any officers in his way, on his way to the mall for revenge. The other main character questions everything around him and why we’re all here. Him and a couple of his peers also get caught up in their own sexual thrills.

There’s a reason it’s R-rated.

This film is really great!

Gonna wait for it to be on Netflix.

While on the topic of movies by musicians, everyone MUST watch “Artifact” directed by 30STM frontman Jared Leto. Really great documentary about the music industry, and Chester is in it!!!

Another one from me. “Sound City” by Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. I think it is a good idea to share interesting music related movie names here.

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just watched Artifact, defin a must-see

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Such a great film and also was interesting to see how the band recording that excellent album! LP should make a documentary, directed by Mr. Hahn!