Jimmy Kimmel Concert Series


Who else is attending the Jimmy Kimmel Show!? Just printed my tickets, can’t wait to go!

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Jimmy Kimmell Outdoor Concert 5/18/17

I’ll be there, is going to be my first show ever!

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What the… When is this.


Right on ! You’re in for a treat


It’s tomorrow. You didn’t review an email from LPU a couple weeks ago?


jealous… i didnt get invited. must have been too slow responding


Well, it happen again I miss it. WHY DO THIS HAPPEN TO ME!!!


Like many LP fans, I’ll admit I was not too pleased when I first heard Heavy. Dont get me wrong it’s a nice song & I’ll support LP no matter what they do and will forever be a fan…But after attending the Jimmy Kimmell outdoor LP concert and hearing the new songs live, WOW! The whole vibe, the music playing, I really listened to Chester & Mike as they sang the lyrics it just made me love everything…Can’t wait to get off work & finish listening to the rest of the new album.

See you guys again on Oct. 22nd :slight_smile:

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Hey there everyone,
Does anyone here still have their JImmy Kimmel ticket that they can scan and email to me?

I have the setlist from that show and I’m going to frame it and want to put a picture of the ticket in with it.



Hey all,

I’m looking for a copy of the Linkin Park jimmy kimmel ticket. Does anyone still have the pdf file?


hey do you still have your ticket from the show?