Is this wrong? (Logo)

So my first post in the LPU forums, I hope making this wasn’t a mistake

My online username is thunderstrike (for gaming and such) and my “logo” has always been a variation of some lightning bolt (I know ironic since my name doesn’t make sense but lets just pretend it’s a cool name).

So this idea popped into my mind of a new logo I could make, incorporating LP into the logo. The problem or dilemma I’m facing right now though, is that the hexagon shape is only inside the lightning bolt, so a part of the hex shape is cut off. Since the hexagon represents the band members, do you guys think it’s wrong to cut parts off of it? idk I think the design looks cool… an alternative would be to just leave out the hexagon but I’m not sure. Please let me know what you think about it!


Hey and welcome. :slight_smile:

On here I’m the last person that should be giving artistic advice but what I would say is that it’s your logo so you do as you please with it. By the sounds of it it is a matter of what your conscience thinks; right and wrong are relative terms. If you like it, keep it as it is, I’m sure the others will be fine with it. You’ll find that this place isn’t like a gaming forum.


The LP logo used to be a circle so it is not like hexagon has to be there. The sides had a meaning to the band, 6 lines, 6 members. So if you want to keep the LP and remove the sides there is nothing wrong with it. Art is a creative way of thinking so this is very cool idea.
Personally for me the logo you showed is very big, but it is nice looking one.

Not really a fan of it

As @rorybourdon said, keep the lp and take the rest of the hexagon out…

alright, thanks for the feedback guys :smile: I do like it like this too actually


Welcome to the LPU! I like the design as it is

Maybe if you want to keep the hexagon, the line where it currently ends can become a hidden line/dashed line representing Chester (still there) and then complete the rest of the hexagon

Though the new one looks cleaner

I like it at the way it is :blush: @thunderstrike

It’s fine the way it is just leave it be :grinning:

Wait a minute I like the second one better without the hexagon the second one go with that

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Damn, that design.

thanks for all the comments guys


I think that one is more asthetically pleasing anyways

Linkin Flash @.@ two things me likie