Is Linkin Park emo?

In my opinion, no.

But most of my friends think they’re emo.

I asked my best friend, and according to him “emo” songs are anything about self-harm or suicide…some songs like “Given Up” or “Breaking the Habit” fit these categories. Just last week one friend came to me and asked if I’m emo now. I said no, then he pointed out I listen to Linkin Park now, but I pointed out I’ve been listening to them for years.

The definition of “emo” to me is a style of rock music resembling punk but having more complex arrangements and lyrics that deal with more emotional subjects. To most of my friends, an emo is a person who is depressed and does self-harm.


Ha, that ‘argument’ is starting to sound really old.
Nope. They never were.
That seems like another silly non-LP fan opinion (who also only heard HT & Meteora probably).

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Wikipedia says no, so it must be true.


Why does that even exist?


It’s the first time I here this! ahahah!!! Emo?! Mike will be laughing all day if you tell him)))))) Listen yor heart and in the end it doesn’t really matter who they are))))


@Ryan_Grey I don’t believe they are but, I think it does not matter even if they are considered emo they are still a great band :smile: :grinning:

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I thought emo was just an abreviation for emotional. If that’s the case then yeah, Linkin Park can be said to be “emo” as in the emotion in their lyrics, which I find there to be a lot of emotion. But as for the stereotypical label for emo, nah, they’re not lol

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Names for types of music don’t really represent what they originally were meant to, it seems. Like “pop” is “popular”, so Linkin Park technically is pop music

'Suppose. I guess the only label LP needs is Awesome.

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no it is definitly not

I’ve been to a number of different stores and have seen Linkin Park listed in not only Pop/Rock, but Heavy Metal, and a couple times, in the “bargain bin.”

It’s hard to catorize them, in the sense that each album is different in its own way, ,and their music does tend to be all over the map.

If you were to put Linkin Park into a genre, the genre would be “Linkin Park”.


LP is (mostly) a Nu-metal band. Since Rock music has been influenced by several genres, including pop, and also because numetal is a subgenre of alternative metal, it is difficult to brand a band with a particular label. Bands like Motorhead are described by music industry as hard rock, but Lemmy himself has agreed that they are plain “Rock & Roll”. I can go on on this genre, but i would try to move on to other posts.

But before I leave, just because someone’s parody says that a particular band belongs in a bargain bin, doesn’t actually categorize them as such. I wouldn’t comment further on this part as I am unsure you were being serious, or just added a joke in the end.


I really don’t think Linkin Park are emo and furthermore I think being depressed doesn’t mean your an emo cause emo is kind of a lifestyle and depression is a mental illness. So that’s the reason why I think Linkin Park isn’t emo at all…
Furthermore you can’t label Linkin Park, they’re just Linkin Park!

Ummmm… No not at all emo

Obviously not, LP is new metal! although moved a little footprint, but absolutely new LP is metal!

Metal in the vein!

OP is 100% correct.

Emo is a derivative of punk music that emerged in the 1980’s. It returned mid last decade as “scene emo” Being emo means you have to have the (punk derived, poppish) emo sound that other emo bands had. Rock music does not literally mean banging rocks together, and emo does not literally mean any emotional music. Linkin Park was never emo.

Speak of emotional, the whole anti-emo backlash is a form of toxic mega-masculinity that punished honest self-expression and championed sociopathy. It quickly got far more annoying to deal with than the scene emo kids ever were. Showing emotion is not a bad thing. Being labeled emo is not necessarily a bad thing, especially since so many people mistake it for just being emotional, which isnt a bad thing either. This kind of worrying is so last decade. Really. Don’t worry about it.

I think this is stereotyped thinking. Is this really important? It’s great music and that’s what it depends on. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

the band Black Veil Brides is an Emo band and sucks the Linkin Park is a Metal band and I Love It :two_hearts: