Is A Thousand Suns better than Meteora or Hybrid Theory?


As an entire album, A Thousand Suns is easily better lyrically and melodically than Meteora or Hybrid Theory. HT and Meteora was meant to establish what LP can do in each individual song whereas ATS was meant to show what LP can do as a whole.


I think they’re all equal and awesome. I love all of LP’s albums and I love every one of their songs.


i think there all equally amazing:)


For me, ATS is the best Linkin Park album but the songs are not so good live.


NO, Hybrid Theory is still my fav album, but A Thousand Suns is better than Minutes To Midnight!


ATS is a great album as a whole.
But HT and Meteora will always be their hallmarks. To me, specially Meteora.


I dont like to compare but i thought ats was good. Its was also very different.


Seens like it didnt get good critisism but i enjoyed it. Seems embarassing to say.


I was a bit impressed about it that they could do music like that.


I think as an entire album nothing can beat A Thousand Suns. It just flows from one song to another flawlesly and has an almost ethereal essence to it which is why in my opinion, A Thousand Suns is better. However, an opinion is not a fact, and I still absolutely adore Hybrid theory and Meteora, as well as Minutes To Midnight and Living Things.


as an album it is… but meteora and hybrid theory are simply the best for me … ATS is also good…


i say… THEY ARE ALL GREAT :smiley: how about that


I think this is subjective. Some people will say no, some yes.
I do like A Thousand Suns better, because the songs transition from one to another. The lyrics are also very strong.


I hate Meteora’s songs, even though its okay as an album. Love HT if i’m in the mood for it.

I love ATS always,

so A Thousand Suns.


my favorite album is meteora, i love ht, but not a big fan of a thousand suns.