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That account won’t answer, part of me thinks it’s a bot.

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In the past Lorenzo answered with this account- at least the hq gets a tag…


This is scarily accurate.


Ah the good ol political correctness, also known as self censorship. Not even gonna waste my time watching this :joy:


It’s a good video, quite funny, it’s a joke video.


Finished reading 1984 yesterday. I expected the story and characters to have a little more depth, but the setting was carefully and brilliantly thought out. Great read if you want to explore how far a dictatorship can go.

@anngelenee Have you started reading 12 rules for life yet?


Not yet :confused: I’ll let you know when I start :wink:

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:heart_eyes: :heart:


Join the dark side.

But seriously, I found a good Chrome extension that puts dark mode on every site and you can customise it per site as well as adding sites you don’t want darkened.

Available on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

A little laughter never hurts

Lol! I thought you left the dark side when you ditched Instagram :joy:


IG is rock f*cking bottom. :joy:

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Why is the system editing my posts from nearly two years ago?


Went to an used-book’s store and found Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything at a steal. Be prepared for profoundly knowledgeable me.


Sounds interesting! What is it about?


Bill Bryson is a famous travel writer. I think this was the first time he wrote about solar system (the chapters I have read talks about big bang and dwarf planet Pluto) in more non-scientific details. Beware: Titles may be deceptive. :wink:

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Never heard of it, but sounds cool :slight_smile:

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The Office is one of the finest shows.


Wow sounds like youll get knowledgible from reading that book sounds interesting :grinning: history all in one book :grin:


LOL I’m glad he remembered the right way and not the Michael Scott way :grin:

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I have already warned everyone, but I get less time to read and it is a decently fat book. So you have maybe till mid-March to prepare yourselves.

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