In The End is #2 of the Top 50 21st Century Hard Rock Songs

This is awesome, though I think One Step Closer or Papercut would be a better choice for this list

here’s a link for the list

Awesome and well deserve.

Linkin Park it’s a band for the history of music of all time, for sure! [cool]


so proud

I think In the End pretty much launched LP into Super stardom. Hell even my friends who don’t listen to LP can relate that they all know “In the End”

Faint should’ve gotten it. Faint is just one heck of a hard rap rock song you could ever ask for.


I heard that the Music Video of In The End is #1 in the top 100 21at Century hard rock songs

Perfect :smiley: LP are just the best in the world

Nice, thanks for the link :smiley:

In my heart it will always be #1 = )

It should be #1. I don’t even classify Chop Suey a song

i 100% agree!!! in the end is not one of linkin parks harder rock songs. i think HIT THE FLOOR should be the winner!!! but thats just my opinion [biggrin][mrgreen][mrgreen][mrgreen]

This song is perfect as it is still in the top 50 alternative songs on itunes.