In Loving Memory

R. I. P Chester x


Wow where do you get those?

That’s lasered on there? That’s very nice, do you make them?

I want this too


Here’s a link for the necklace. You have to let the seller know what you want engraved. I was so pleased when I recieved mine, it’s just so beautiful!

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I wish I could take the credit for it but no I ordered it on eBay. Took some time deciding on the right picture. Once Mike shared the artwork with Chester’s faded hand, I knew it had to be on my necklace. Will treasure it forever :heart_eyes:


awww how nice share, it looks beautiful @popz87lp, looks expensiv btw.- is it?

@theearlywalker, It was only £12.49 and you can have any photo or text put on it.

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ohh this is a very nice surprise and absolutely available, thanx for the share again, this starts to trigger me… will goto the shop :smiley: thanx soldier!

No problem, hope your just as pleased with yours.

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I will show it asap - thanx :hugs:


Very nice! I bought a memory locket in which I keep the LPU 16 guitar pick :relaxed: