Important - summit meet up for bus/train people

People taking the bus or train to 30TH Station, we need to meet up and go ALL TOGETHER in the metro to Camden, get off at Broadway Station (5 blocks from the venue) and walk together, because it is dangerous zone (I heard), we gotta gather a big group!

The meet up at Hyatt and take the ferry plan is dead… the ferry leaves at 9:30 (earliest) , but check in is at 9:00. (anyone else thinks thats way too early? )

Anyway, please comment below if you’re taking the train or bus to 30th st station so we meet up !!! Thanks!!

I heard the hotel I’m staying at has a shuttle…people who have booked hotels, find out about the hotel shuttles and what time the first shuttle leaves…

I’m taking ether the Megabus or Amtrak to 30th st. station. Haven’t decided yet. Ether way I’ll definitely be at the 30th st. station! lol

Okay so I just bought my bus ticket. I’m taking the Megabus from NYC at 1:15 AM Friday night (or morning w/e LOL) and arriving in Philadelphia at the 30th St. Station at 3:15 AM. Don’t now how I’m getting to the arena. Might just walk it.

Whoaa, that’s crazy. You should be careful. Contact someone staying at a hotel to see if you can sleep there or something. Im not sure how you would get from 30th st station to anywhere with the metro at this time. Youd need to get a cab, or if anyone is nice enough to pick u up from 30th st station that’d be cool.
I sound like a mom, lol.

I know its a bit crazy but that was the cheapest option without being late to the Summit. I’m probably just going to say fuck it and take a train to the PATCO station and then the PATCO to the stop next to the arena and walk. Then just chill at the arena for a couple of hours lol

Just hit me up holden, if you can get to the hyatt you can crash at the hotel until we take a cab over. Im a good guy, but I cant pick you up at 315am with my daughter lol, but you can crash in the room if u can get to the hyatt.

No I totally understand haha Thanks so much. I’ll definitely hit you up. I probably won’t be there until like anywhere from 6 - 7 AM because the subways in Philly aren’t like the ones in NY and don’t start running until like 5 AM. So you guys will probably be starting to wake up and everything so I could probably just hang out in the lobby for a bit and meet you guys for breakfast or where ever.