I'm searching TaintedKid and LinkinParkFanForever

Hi there, I’m search for users TaintedKid and LinkinParkFanForever… they were friends of my on the Linkin Park App, but now I can’t find them. Someone help me out. I still figuring out how this website works.
I really want to talk with them.

Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

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I’ll try tagging them. Let’s see if it works ! @TaintedKid @LinkinParkFanForever

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Thank you. :smile: Of course tag them… arg forgot that. :blush:

@AJ_7 Is it possibe to become friends? To “like” someone or “follow”? So it’s easier to connect, thanks for any help :raised_hands:

There’s unfortunately no way to currently connect or even private message anyone on the Linkin Park website, the best thing to do is find a platform you have in common and message there (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).

Speaking of, TaintedKid mentions having an Instagram in their bio on here, you may have better luck contacting them on there if they don’t respond here.

Is the app still not back up?

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@jFar920 unfortunately no. :frowning_face: The app is not working in my country (The Netherlands). I’m not sure if it works in US or other countries. I try to connect with them on the social media. Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

@jFar920 but it was possible to have a private chat? And now not anymore? Okay that’s sad. :thinking:

Hey and welcome :slight_smile: . Those aren’t users I’ve ever seen around here, so I don’t know what the chances of a reply are, unfortunately.

@the_termin8r Aah okay. Thanks that will help. :wink: