Im buyind LPU11 Laminate and Lanyard

Pleaseee fans help me!!!
My name is Lénika and im a HUGE Linkin Park fan , They are coming back to México after 10 years and i couldnt be happier , i ordered my membership and concert tickets on june , i havent recieved it and i tryed everything to get a new one but i couldn´t.

Im looking for an awesome fan that can borrow/ rent / sell me their Laminate and lanyard so i cana get the early entry . I´ll pay for UPS Express mail from us to mex and back plus whatever you want!! PLEASE HELP FROM FAN TO FAN !! And if you have two would be awesome soo my boyfriend can get it too .

Love Linkin Park , please help me make my dreams come true

What you can do is print the order of your membership and, it’s supposed, that someone of the LPUHQ will be there (Adam or whoever), so you can go there with that person and tell him/her about your case, with the order printed in your hand as a proof of what you bought.

I don’t have my laminate either.

Thank you for the advise , i’ll do that thanks