Ideas for the LPU?!

This thread is for anyone that has came up with an idea that they think could make the fan club even better for everyone!

That way Adam or anyone else from the LPU/HQ could check back on this thread to come up with some new ways to make this experience enjoyable.


For me, I would quite like to see a CD/DVD every year from the LPU. With left over footage from the makings of Mark’s LPTV’s to LPUTV’s. I’m sure that he will have quite a lot of clips within that year to share with us.

That’s a great idea :smiley:

CD Every year would be great. Add in some live recordings and or songs in their raw form that may have been left off the album.

Thats a good idea…and as a HUGE lp fan like all underground members just more LPU only items stuff no one else can get…oh and first dibbs on everything else lol