I need to know... What is the new album title?!

Please i am getting impatient what is the 2016 album title and discography???!!!

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Nobody knows… we don’t even have a single
Check this topic out


the last album is the hunting party, i think they are working on new album.

In case you missed it, this is the cover of their new album:


lmao… @gatsie

I couldn’t help myself, I’m sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

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i wanna eat this vegiss to be rockstar

to be honest i thought that was legit for a second there lol good one but i havent been able to see there updates lately can someone catch me up on how close they are?

The news? There is no new album. They been playing us all this time.

you cant be serious man ive been waiting all year for this there is no way they could have been playing us.

ive been told that linkin park was playing us on the new album. is this true :angry:

no, this is not , absolutely

[spoiler]@gatsie, why did you say it? that information is for Regulars only, top secret![/spoiler]


Sometimes when I come on here and post random incoherent nonsense, please blame the red wine.

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