I need some help please!

Something has happened to my post and i don’t know what

My post had multiple polls on it, went to check on it and the polls barring one have disappeared

When i go to the edit the post the polls are still there in text
Can you shed some light on the matter?

Put ` at the beginning and end of the post so I can see the raw post and I might be able to help, or copy and paste it here and do the same

Edit: Testing below to check if there’s something wrong, please ignore…

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Or post a printscreen. You might have messed up and not left a space somewhere so the site doesn’t register the text as a poll but as something else.

I believe the forum might be glitching, because I couldn’t find anything wrong with the polls, plus, all your other topics only have one poll now, too

It’s def a glitch. I just tried to make a test poll in this thread and the whole forum froze up.

Same thing happened to me. I’ll try to contact Discourse and see what they can do or what they say about it

  • test 1
  • test 2

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  • test 3
  • test 4

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  • test 5
  • test 6

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Yeah, it’s bugged

Good thing I bought it up then :slight_smile:

Just another test

  • Test 1
  • Test 2

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  • Test 3
  • Test 4

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