I know i'm not writing about anything about linkin park right now

hi everybody i know i’m talking about linkin park right now but please let me know what u guys think of the aurora colorado shooting that happen thursday july 19th,2012 midnight screening of the dark knight rises i know what i think of it it sickens me and i think the guy who did the shooting named james holmes should rot in hell for what he did to all people in aurora shooting
p.s:please give all your hearts out to all the people in aurora shooting

[size=25] You can post something that doesn’t related to LP or LPU on The Back Room Forum.[/size]

Wow! Really?? I don’t think it really matters what Forum room that this topic shows up in. In fact, this devestating cowardly act of terror probably should be discussed in the Underground more then any other room. This massacre effects us all as movie, concert, show, sporting event, and everything “goer.” It is an unfortunate reminder that even though we may have good intentions to live in community and harmony with other humans, we seem to always need to be suspicious and aware of things around us.

The fact that you Darkblue are concerned about what Forum it is in, instead of giving respect to those who have suffered from these events, goes against everything that the bulk of what the LPU members are about. A very callous and inappropriate repsone. You may have the right of free speech to post it. Well, I have the right of free speech to call you out for it.

Many prayers in this trying time for the victims and their families.

The Underground : Discuss everything Linkin Park and LPU related.

The Back Room : Anything that doesn’t have a specific room set up for it should go here. Interact with your fellow LPU members about anything.

That’s what I mean :3

If someone is talking about their recipe for chocolate cake in this forum, then sure, I’ll give you a high five for being the site quality control officer. But how do you know that this issue won’t effect LP or LPU future activiites? What about security? Availability? I know, you’ll probably pigeon hole those topics into “Events.” Never hurts to speculate. You’re picking the wrong topic to call out a person for improper site ettiquette.

I feel awful for the families involved in the shooting. It took away the innocence of going to the movies. It felt like a safe place to get away from the outside world and enjoy a good film. A lot of people are worried about copy cats and are trying to avoid theaters. Understandibly because people do just about anything now a days. I just wonder what drove him to do such a thing. It didn’t seem like he had a target in the audience. Did he just wanted to kill whoever. I personally believe he planned for his apartment to blow up making all the police go to that location while he went after everyone in the theatre. He referred to himself as the joker so maybe he got lost into a fictional world. I keep asking why? Why so many innocent people? I need to turn my attention to the victims and not him. They need my prayers.

@David and @darkblue I get what your both saying, like David, your right this should be in every section. It it a serious matter, it isnt a video of a cat singing or something stupid like that. darkblue, I understand what your saying too, but this is a serious matter.

And @darkblue, on almost every post i see, your always the first reply telling people theirs another topic. Maybe they want to start a new topic. Did you ever think of that?

Regardless of what anyone is saying here, this topic should be under “The Back Room”. End of story.

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Start new topic is good, but double thread or similar thread its annoying. For the love in this world, people please USE THE SEARCH BUTTON before u come up with the idea of making a thread… it might have already been started. The search button is there for a reason :3

Thank you :3

Ok, let’s end this. Please post in the correct forum.