I have to wait 20h to send msg?

I just joined in the forum yday, and after some time when I tried to reply i got this popup saying I have to wait 20h to reply again in the threads. Why is that?

Oh they do that to avoid letting spammers take over too easily
The more you come into the forum and interact, the more freedom it gives you
Can’t remember how it works but I think it’s after three days that it gives you much better access :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t remember such a problem. :thinking:

I’ve got another - when I want to delete too many posts at once it makes me wait 24 hours.

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Lmao :rofl: only you would have this problem :rofl: :hugs:


This. :joy:

Very interesting…Now I’m afraid to reply and use all my quota up :smiley: jk

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Lol you can think of it as using them up so that you can hang out all you want even sooner :partying_face::hugs:

A few days and you can be as spammy as you want lol jk jk