"I have never" game


Yet i’m alive from using headphones still too :stuck_out_tongue:

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No and I won’t either. I prefer something with a cord myself. And headphones usually tend to fall out for me, so these would be a no go.

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:man_facepalming:t2: They fall off because the cord is nudged :crazy_face: I spent years with that mess going through a crap ton of them breaking, damaging, getting cords ripped by machinery etc etc soooo yeah
Try them! :rage: join the dark side damn it! :rage:


Sorry, but what idiot pays £160 for buds? Besides, I never found any of those sorts comfortable, I like the rubber ones that create a seal (and a small vacuum when you pull them out). I’ve never had my CX3s fall out of my ears randomly, it takes a good yank too pull them out.


Lol apparently me because I’d be a bigger idiot buying cheaper ones that would get fudged up far sooner, I’ve had mine 2 years with no issues yet
The personal benefits have far outweighed the initial cost which is great for me


I managed to get 5 years out of my CX299s before they gave out. And they cost me £30.


Not a stretch considering you’re at your desk or walking leisurely to and from the train :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So this is whats reffered to as the dark side? I’m not seeing how lol. And yes, the cord from mine get yanked on and they come out of my ears, the cord gets tangled up, etc, but still, I don’t believe something like that would stay in my ears very well.

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These are the only type of headphones i’ve only ever cared for. The hard ones simply don’t stay in my ears, neither feel comfortable, and i’ve never liked headphones that go over your head either. The longest lasting pair I had was like 2-3 years.


IHN had headphones like this

(but I used to have hair almost like this)


IHN had a tattoo



Worn makeup (other than face paint at a party once, that’s not the sort of makeup I mean).


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I have never done parachute



I have never been smart enough to play such games



Been smart, full stop. :joy:



been blonde.




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No regret.

IHN had hybrid nails.


Been tazed


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