"I have never" game


I have

Been on a helicopter


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:hugs: :joy:

IHN sung in public (and never do)



I have to ask, how? And I meant physical torture btw, not having a bad time or doing something you didn’t want to do to begin with, etc lol. I think we’ve all been there.

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That’s different. Otherwise I’m tortured by the vice grip of stupidity on a daily basis. Oh, and you try sleeping through the mating calls of a dozen foxes all at once.


I have, but wasn’t aware anyone could hear me. I sing very loud with headphones in. :joy:

Never been on a motorcycle


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I figured as much lol

That’s when headphones come into play


It’s that season again! :scream: stay strong and close the windows/doors…

IHN heard foxes at night… :grimacing:



I learnt to not do that the hard way. Woke up one morning being choked by them (literally).

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Not yet.

I do.


I keep the cord to the side, and I don’t roll over in my sleep or anything, so that helps.


Have you ever tried some kind of earplugs? Like this :point_down:

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Once, wasn’t very comfortable.


I have a pair, but never use them. It would probably be a good idea since i’m a kind of light sleeper.


IHN done a portrait!
But that might change somehow… :muscle:


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Cough cough airpods cough cough


Rubbish. Those things cost more than my full size HD598s.


Yet I’m alive while using them at night :smirk_cat:
How’s that neck doing? muahahahaha

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Neck’s fine, I haven’t slept with buds in for a few years. Not to mention the ergonomics of all apple buds were designed by an ape.

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Have to agree, they wouldn’t work for me either. They would most likely just fall out of my ears and i’d lose them somewhere, no thanks.


Have you tried them?
I just said I sleep with them sometimes lol, it’s not like they’re slipping out at all, I have to literally hit them off hard for them to fall off :upside_down_face: