Hybrid theory ep the ambient song


What was this supposed to be the song at the end of the cd its really awesome and I am wondering if it was session?


I know you’re new, but I’m going to be that guy. Please don’t make a new topic for single questions, it would be better to make a general topic for such questions or to post in an existing one.

As for your question, I’m not sure which track you’re speaking of.


The secret song if you wait for a long time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-Jj_ML-WQE

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That’s just the end of Part of me, I’m pretty sure that version is on the end of SFTU and not the HTEP. I don’t know what it was meant to be and I don’t think it was a session.


SFTU? Whats that?


Songs From The Underground.


I misread that as ‘‘STFU’’ :joy:

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I always do that as well. :joy:


Fans call it “Secret”, or “Ambient” like you mentioned, but I don’t think there’s an official name for it. It’s somewhat common to have untitled hidden tracks at the end of CDs, nothing mysterious about it. There’s no evidence that it’s a demo or connected to Session, it’s just another instrumental

It’s on the Hybrid Theory EP too


I remember reading years ago about it being a possible demo of Session, too.


I’ve read it a few places too. I’ve also read that it was a demo for Cure for the Itch. To me, they don’t sound anything alike and I’ve never seen any evidence to prove it’s a demo of anything


Where would someone get its a demo of cure for the itch?


There is a chance that it could be a demo but the chances are slim because this album we are talking about is from 1999 or 1998


I will link you a mix of session and ambient to see the possibility that it is a demo of session or something.


I call it Mystery it has crackles and pops to make it more “usual” https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QuXCzyK5HafdoQvQ-T2CJHiIG9VpjmZz/view


There isn’t any Cure for the Itch demos out online. There’s the unmastered version, but the only noticeable difference is the voices are a bit different


Did you listen to Mystery?


That link doesn’t work, I don’t have permission to view it


Whats your google drive I will share it with you