Hyatt confirmation post here for hotel summit and concert

OK I have sent the forms in, reserving all of the rooms 10 rooms for thursday and 8 rooms for thursday and Friday. I can add on more until July 26th as well, after that it will be there normal rate. We will be appointed a group assistant as well for this trip. Monday I will confirm that everything is good to go and ready for everyone to call in and pay for there rooms under LPU or there names with there credit cards. If they are not all taken care of by July 26th we forfeit the group contract, so please everyone make sure they make the payments as soon as possible before this date. I will confirm Monday and we can use this forum for each person to confirm there payments so we know who is payed up and who is not from the original list that I will post later today. Thanks

Thanks Trinity for setting this up! Can you confirm what the total would be with taxes and fees for two nights so I can confirm the charge to my account?


Irene K

On the contract it showed $159 I know there is tax and other stuff added just like with any room or hotel. I will ask the exact amount, below is what is in the contract I signed, and the total for 80 percent of the rooms filled was $2862. SO if it is 15 percent on it, then its like 3 more dollars or something like that per night if I am reading it right, so about $325 for two nights is what I am planning on, somewhere really close to that.

The Hotel confirms the following guest room rates:
Single Occupancy: 159 Double Occupancy: 159

Room rates are quoted exclusive of applicable state and local taxes (which are currently 15.2%) or applicable service, or hotel specific fees in effect at the Hotel at the time of the meeting.

Reservations may be made, modified or canceled by the meeting planner or designate, who may enter reservations as they are received using the on-line reservation form accessible at (The hotel will supply a user name and password if the planner does not already have one). Reservations must be made on or before the cut-off date. Reservations may also be made by rooming list that will be submitted to the hotel on or before the cut-off date.

The “cut-off date” is 7/26/2012. Reservation requests received after the cut-off date will be based on availability at the Hotel’s prevailing rates and will be credited to the Group’s Guest Room Block.

This is the original 10. Anyone not on this list, let me know before July 26th and I will get you added at the group rate. Also confirm starting next week when you have paid for the room by posting here. Thanks

Stephanie Macor Two double beds Thursday and Friday AUG 16th and 17th

Zach Taylor KING Thurs Fri aug 16th and 17th

Mary Obrien Two Double Beds Thur fri aug 16th and 17th

Michael Callender KING Thur FRI AUG 16th and 17th


David Aponte King Bed Thurs and Friday AUG 16th Aug 17th

Mohammed Alabkari KING BED Thurs and Friday AUG 16th and 17th

Nicholas Salvatore KING BED THURS and FRIDAY AUG 16th and 17th

Jason Krygowski Two DOUBLE BEDS THURS and FRIDAY AUG 16th and 17th

Cody Shadle KING BED Thursday AUG 16th