How to attend the meet&greet?



I want to attend the Mike Shinoda show in Luxembourg, but I couldn’t find how I can log in for a meet & greet. Also, do I have to buy my ticket separately?

Could someone be so kind to help me out with this?

Thank you in advance!!


Hi, you need to be an active LPU member to be eligible for a m&g. Those will be open for RSVP later and the winners are usually announced 2-3 days before each show. You need to have a ticket to the show to attend a m&g but that’s about it. You just need a bit of luck :slight_smile:


I can’t thank you enough for your information! I’ll buy the membership and let’s hope!


hello, I hope this will be seen. While reading something about the contest for early entry in Tel Aviv I´ve read that the Full Name of your LPU account has to be the same as the Name on your ID. But now I don´t know if I entered my complete Full name and I can´t find where I could check it…
I hope someone can help me!


Your account does not have your actual name on it from what I can see. You can edit it at under “Manage Account”

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Thanks for your help, the only thing I could find was Card and addresses, and there was my name, but there is no place for my real name


Yeah, you need to change your name under that.

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Thank you! Does it matter If the card name is another, cause it’s my dad‘s :smile:


No it doesn’t. They just check your ID to confirm it’s you on the list.

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Okey thanks!

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Thanks for the info. Glad to know about it.

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