How old were you when you first hear LINKIN PARK?


I’m listening to LP since I was … probably 12/13 year old


I was 20, back to 2000

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I think I was 10 (2001) when I saw Crawling on MTV. Always loved their music a lot and I always wanted to own Hybrid Theory as a kid when I heard other kids play it, but it wasn’t until I was 13 (2004) when I finally bought the albums and got to know them properly and really started following them. Became obsessed, and I still am now at 24. :slight_smile:


i think 14 o 15 years in the 2005 with in the end, i believe but not remember


I was 8, the year was 2003, my first song I heard was numb


I was 17 in 2001. But I don’t remember which song I heard first. I remember that I liked runaway a lot.


I was 6 when I saw for the first time their video of “In The End” on MTV


I was 6 and I heard one step closer :slight_smile:


I was a litte girl, when I heard the first song Linkin Park because my parents have begun to listen to Linkin Park before I was born. I do not remember what the song was but I remember it was a song from the album Hybrid Theory :grinning:


i was 8, the song was in the end


I’ll be honest, the first LP song that I heard knowingly was What I’ve done at the end of transformers. I was 9 and back then I was part of the mainstream pop hoard of sheeple.

So in that sense I’m not one of the original LP fans (that wouldn’t have been possible anyway because I would have been 2 at the time of HT’s release), HOWEVER I love LP for their early epicness and they’re current stuff too. i own most LPU albums too so I reckon I’ve redeemed myself. The only album I’m not too fond of it Recharged (Reanimation is badassery).


I was 4, Meteora had just come out and I heard Don’t Stay and Somewhere I Belong!! I was immediately hooked.


When I first of them I was seven, ironically I am still seven…and that was 15 years ago

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I was 10 when I first heard Crawling :smile:


3… in 2000 i’ve been Hooked ever since!


12 or 13 when I first time heard In The End in tv😊


I was 5 when I heard Numb the first time… so long ago :joy:


I was 12 years old when I first listen to one step closer in the 2000. It was awesome. Then in the end follows. I remember the hype about in the end from my friends… lol. Long time ago ^^


I was 12 years old, as “Meteora” has been released and after watching “Somewhere I Belong” on MTV, I was finally lost in the music :wink:


I was 12 or 13 yrs when I saw In The End in tv.