How many tickets can an LPU member buy?

Hi, I was wondering how many tickets an LPU member can buy. My wife is’nt a member and all i need is two and she will be kill me if I can get her a ticket.

i have the same doubt

When you find out will you let me know? My husband will kill me if I cannot get for him as well…

I also would like to know

Yeah I wish there was more information available before tix go on sale tomorrow.

I want to know that too =/

I’ve heard (I don’t know if it’s true) that you can by 4 tickets.

The USA tour allowed members to buy 4 tickets. It might change per concert though.

I’m trying to find out how many pre-sale tickets you can purchase for their Cape Town concert in November.

You should send your question to ground(ctrl), I’m sure they’ll reply you as soon as possible and your problem will be solved :slight_smile: If you don’t know how to send this question, I’ll advise you - just open this link (you can find it in menu options which is at the bottom of LPU websites with a click on “Support”), then choose an object with which you need to help (in this case it’ll be “ticket orders”) and then it’ll lead you how to send your question :)) I hope my help will be useful.

Other existing shows (that are on sale right now) have a limit of 6 ticket…

But then again, the organizer have the final say on this matter so we could only wait and see…

One way or another, the credit card will “bleed it out!” tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha win!

YES PLEASE LP! been waiting 11 years this day! Not the topic though…
Im in the same boat…

Should be able to get 4 ticket per concert if I recall.