How many people get invited to the meet and greet

Hey guys this is just a general question to find out how many people are lucky enough to meet and greet the band, would love to be there but when it comes to competitions I’m not lucky at all

Cheers y’all

Counting the days to the JHB performance, hopefully counting the hours to the meet and greet

Here’s another out there question, have any fans had the opportunity to jam with the band at rehearsals or at the meet and greet!!!

I’m sooooooooooooooo excited I can’t sleep it’s 2am and I’ve got work tomorrow aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

I THINK that’s between 40 to 70 people. Depends of the place.

Back in 2010 a couple of fans got to play on stage in the O2 arena London was good to watch, not too sure on the number of people able to meet tho sorry :smiley:

[size=20]Adam’s blog ==>Your M&G answered here

I am also amped for the JHB concert, Just hope I get my tickets today before anyone else been sitting infront of my pc since 5am refreshing every 10 min

Well I guess its just luck in the end of the day, hopefully they choose us :-). The freaks who are so excited and couldn’t sleep since hearing the news. Its gonna be a hard couple of months to wait.

Dude I can’t play guitar like these okes but I would love to sing back up, or hype King Shinoda’s rap

If by any chance the band members read these posts lets hope they keen

“Adam” the guy who posted the details answers that and other questions about the M&G under his blog. Its usually between 60 to 75. Lets hope we het lucky :smiley:

Yeah lets hope we get lucky! :). This is r eally a big opportunity for us and south africa :slight_smile: lets hope and pray!!,