How do you claim tickets?

Hi there

I managed to get my hands on tickets, how do you print or where do you claim the tickets?



lol, fancy seeing you here!

I have the same question…

Most likely at the venue, or at a computicket, we will probably get a mail giving collection details

i had the same question.
it did say a pick up point will be available. i guess we wait. and just check back here every now and then just in case.:slight_smile:

Would think they would have this processed by know for us to collect
Hate paying for something I dont have lol

I think they will send a confirmation to computicket in a week or so and then we collect at computicket.

I think they going to wait for the big ticket rush today and tom to die down and then send us the details via email. No way i am going to a computicket today or tom to stand in that queue :wink:

I doubt Computicket will have the tickets we bought as those were not reserved by Computicket… I dont want to wait and see,… im toooooooooooo excited :smiley:

Computicket says call: 011 759 7215 for info on LP underground tickets :wink:

If you look at your ticket, it says “WILL CALL” and they said that we will be called for collection and told where which will likely be at the venue

You will get an email with a ref# and you take that and your ID to computicket to get it printed. According to Big Concerts website. Also if you look around here there are many posts/answers related to this.